July 2024

We shit on your laws! We shit on your police! We shit on you!

As the hordes of ignorant, intolerant, deeply criminal, unemployable invaders from Africa and Arabistan keep being “rescued” (given a free luxury ferry service to Europe) in their tens of thousands every week, here’s short video from one of those who have have been welcomed to Europe by the hug-a-rapemigrant libtards to enrich Western Europe’s culture and contribute to our economy.

This gentleman apparently lives in Germany. His views are quite clear – “We shit on you! We shit on your police! We shit on your laws! You have no balls! Your police have no balls! Your judges have no balls! We can fuck your women! We can do what we want! We’ve come to stay! We’ve already taken Belgium and France! Soon we’ll have taken the whole of Europe!”

Is this video a spoof created to enrage anyone who cares about the preservation of Western civilisation? Or is it real? The best spoofs are so near the truth that you don’t know whether they are spoofs or not. And I suspect this video – spoof or not – is telling us the truths that our rulers are terrified of us finding out.

Anyway, the video is only about 3 minutes. So you can decide for yourselves if this is satire or reality. Or, if the situation in Europe is now so bad, that satire has become reality:

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1 comment to We shit on your laws! We shit on your police! We shit on you!

  • zx80

    Its nice to see such as he have so much to contribute and improve us white f*cks.

    Id like to welcome him to Britain sometime but i dont think hed like the nature of my particluar welcoming party.

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