July 2024

After the NTDWI attacks the crackdown begins – on white Europeans!

These have been a pretty exciting few days for us Westerners. On Saturday there was the London attack which had nothing to do with Izlum (NTDWI) even though the attackers were screaming “this is for Allah” as they butchered innocents with large 12-inch-blade hunting knives.

On Sunday or Monday there was an attack in Melbourne Australia in which a man from the Religion of Peace, previously implicated in Izlumic terrorism offences, killed one or two people before being shot. This attack, of course, had NTDWI.

Yesterday there were attacks in both Paris and Toronto. Both these attacks, of course, had NTDWI even though the attacker in Paris was yelling about Syria and his “snackbar” and the woman carrying out the attack in Toronto was reportedly wearing a niqab and a bandana with the ISIS symbol.

Meanwhile, in the usual primitive, violent hell-holes, over 600 innocents have been killed since the start of Ramabomb in religiously-inspired attacks which, of course, have NTDWI.

But the story I like best from the last few days comes from Germanistan:

An elderly German woman was fined 1,350 euros for sharing and liking an anti-migrant joke on Facebook.

The 62-year old woman , who lives in Berlin, has been identified as Jutta B. She had her home raided and was arrested by police for the ‘crime’ of sharing an image on Facebook captioned “Do you have anything against refugees?”

The image, which was deemed offensive by the court, included answers such as “Yes, machine guns and hand grenades” and was shared by more than 500 people. One person who also shared the picture reported the elderly woman to the police.

German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost reported that the woman was fined 1,350 euros because the image included negative comments about the so-called refugees.

Following her arrest and the fine, the social media network suspended the woman’s account. In court, Jutta said she shared and liked the image without properly reading it. “I like to pass on funny things,” she said.

The prosecution didn’t accept the woman’s defense and described her online behavior as “an utterance capable of inciting hatred and denigration of the human dignity of others.”

Following the fine, the woman received a number of abusive messages from others on Facebook. A left-wing “anti-fascist” group, Anti-Fascist Action, has reportedly sent death threats to the woman.

Don’t you just love that line “an utterance capable of inciting hatred and denigration of the human dignity of others”?

When we now learn that two of the London attackers and the Manchester murderer were known to our useless security services for spewing out bile and threats against us Westerners for years and no action was taken. But when a 62-year-old indigenous white German woman passes on a silly cartoon, the authorities are outraged at this ““utterance capable of inciting hatred and denigration of the human dignity of others.”

The message is clear – criticise the religion which has NTDWI and you’ll get crushed by the police/legal system. But threatening to kill Westerners, and especially anyone who dares to worry about mass immigration of inbred, low-IQ, illiterate, unemployable, violent, intolerant subhuman garbage, is OK with our rulers.

I fear the German prosecution is just the beginning of a massive police crackdown on anyone stupid enough express any concerns about the enforced Izlumization of Europe by bombs, bullets and birth-rate encouraged by the ruling liberal elites.

Meanwhile, the British police have begun quietly releasing most of those they ‘arrested’ following the Manchester massacre. After all, the politically-correct police wouldn’t want to harm inter-community relations, would they?

And finally here’s a (hopefully intentionally comic) piece in which our PM, Theresa May grovels to members of the religion which has NTDWI. In it she blethers about the “huge contribution” our friends who have NTDWI have made to Britain. But I’ve been struggling to think of even one British Religion of Peacer who has won a Nobel Prize for anything:

7 comments to After the NTDWI attacks the crackdown begins – on white Europeans!

  • Joe Schmoe

    A typical politicians speech.

    BUT, please do not let this make you vote for
    another party or abstain tomorrow.

    The Conservatives offer the best hope in cracking
    down on Islamic terrorists, of all the parties.

    Were are all in deep shit if Corbyn or a coalition
    gets into power on Friday morning.

  • Brillo

    Don’t it make you want to weep. And to cap it all I have that idiot Bercow as my politician. I shall remain a UKIP supporter, we will be back after another 5 years of Con/lab continuing to destroy our once green and pleasant land, although I fear it’s all to late. Just thankful I’m old enough not to see the final sorry chapter and downfall of western civilisation.

  • Longbow

    Thank you, Sir, for posting that video and thank you, Joe Schmoe for your remarks about Auschwitz. Historians may well remark that that was when European civilisation died.
    I would never have believed when I started my career in the 1970s that I would witness such things as we see around us now.

  • brian rodney

    Watch this video and try to control your anger

  • zx80

    Ok since its joke time.

    Why wouldnt the muslim convert to christianity?

    Cos its a not for prophet organisation.

    Boom tish, here til thursday ( arrested probably) try the veal etc etc so on and so forth.

  • vincent field

    that has to be the most patronising grovelling condescending piece of rubbish I have ever heard.
    I guess that folks is a sign of the times,the only thing we can now do is sit back and watch the continued destruction of a once great country..

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