September 2023
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We will regret selling our souls to the Chinese

America has already sold out to the Chinese. Firms like Apple have most of their products made in China – wiping out American jobs and giving the Chinese government access to the latest technology for them to copy. The short-termism of companies like Apple will eventually lead to their demise as cheap Chinese copies take over their markets. In Australia and New Zealand, the Chinese own almost a quarter of all businesses and now Chinese companies with few assets are trying to buy up farmland and natural resources companies. These Chinese companies are just fronts for the Chinese government as it tries to ensure control of food and minerals for its own people. A recent deal to buy a huge dairy company fell apart when the lawyer representing the Chinese was convicted of embezzlement.

It Britain virtually all the trash people buy is made in China. Go into Gap, PC World or any other clothing or electrical store and try to find something not made in China! This has destroyed British jobs and made us dependent on China. And now by putting money into Thames Water, the Chinese (government) have started to take over our strategic utilities.

The Chinese takeover of the West is a disaster in the making and one we will come to bitterly regret.

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