June 2018
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Scum of the world – welcome to benefits Britain

Are you lazy, criminal, dishonest or useless? Then no need to live in poverty in your own country. Come and live it up in benefits Britain. First of all, if you find a house that’s empty because the owner is at work or on holiday, you can break in, claim squatters rights and live there for months with the owner paying your gas and electricity. Don’t worry about our worthless police – they’ll say it’s nothing to do with them. Then get yourself down to the benefits office. If you have a few kids (or even just say you have) you can easily clear £25,000 a year or more taxfree. These benefits are paid for by the taxes of those who mostly earn less than you receive in benefits. Wonderful, isn’t it? If you don’t fancy squatting, then demand the council finds you housing. You’ll immediately be put at the top of the list, well ahead of British people who have lived and worked and paid taxes in Britain all their lives. After all, it’s your “human right”. And if you want to rob, steal and even rape, go ahead, Britain’s politically-correct police are too busy persecuting ordinary taxpayers to have time to chase after real criminals.

So come on, scum of the earth. Come to benefits Britain. You’ll live in luxury you thought you could only dream of and it’s all paid for by stupid, bovine British taxpayers.

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