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Is Canada becoming North America’s Sweden?

There are several similarities between Sweden and Canada. Both are cold northern countries with loads of forests and lakes and rather few people. Moreover, until recently both were extremely boring places where nothing newsworthy ever happened. At least that was the case for Sweden before it flung open its borders to every piece of primitive, inbred, violent, illiterate, unemployable, Third-World garbage who fancied a life living off Sweden’s generous benefits system.

Welcome to Swedistan

I have written before about a UN report – the Human Development Index (HDI) – which tries to estimate how countries will develop or decline between 2010 and 2030.

Virtually all countries are projected to improve their citizens’ lives.

But there is one glaring exception. According to UN projections, unlike its Nordic neighbours and unlike all other developed countries, Sweden will be a much poorer country by 2030. This seems to be something the Swedish Government has ‘forgotten’ to tell its voters:

Sweden less developed ve developed countries

In 2010 Sweden was at 15th place in the HDI rankings. But Sweden has dropped to 25th last year and by 2030 will be 45th. I wonder why the BBC and Channel 4 have decided not to run this story.

Moreover most of today’s less developed countries such as Cuba, Mexico, the Baltic countries and Bulgaria will pass Sweden in prosperity according to the UN report:

Sweden less developed vs developing countries

The main reason for Sweden’s expected decline will be a massive increase in the number of households living off welfare. And that, of course, is mostly due to uncontrolled Third-World immigration.

What’s worse is that this report was produced before the current migration invasion which is seeing over 110,000 Third-Worlders pouring into Sweden each year. So Sweden’s decline will actually be much faster than the UN report predicts.

As for once being ‘boring’ – well now Sweden is often in the news with its regular riots in its 50+ no-go areas, its ever-rising rape levels and its very own terrorist truck attack in the centre of Stockholm. Sweden’s migrants have certainly livened the place up a bit.

Welcome to Canadistan

Now for Canada. There are four developments in Canada recently which suggest that Canada has decided to follow Sweden’s example of turning a once successful, civilised country into a Third-World cess-pit.

1. Canada’s Tony Blair

The election of Canada’s Tony Blair – Justin Trudeau. With his film-star looks and holier-than-thou self-righteousness, Mr Trudeau is so ‘progressive’ that it could make your eyes water:

2. Increased immigration

Since the wonderful achievement of Donald Trump winning the the US presidency against the candidate of the whole progressive establishment – Crooked Hillary – there has apparently been a flood of Third-Worlders fleeing from the USA for a better life (more benefits) in Canada.

More Third-World freeloaders arrived in the first three months of 2017 than arrived in the whole of several previous years.

3. Anti-Islamophobia motion

Under the ever so liberal, ever so progressive Trudeau, Canada has recently passed a motion targeting supposed “Islamophobia” to “quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear”. The non-binding motion, known as M-103 was passed by 201 votes to 91. Liberal MP Irqa Khalid, who tabled the motion, was cheered loudly by her party as the vote passed.

Conservative MP David Anderson put forward an amendment to the motion to try and change the wording to include other religions. He argued the motion should be to “condemn all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance and discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and other religious communities”. But the amendment was rejected by Mr Trudeau’s Liberals.

4. Protecting citizenship for terrorists

The Canadian upper house – the Senate – passed Bill C-6 on Wednesday (May 3, 2017) after debating for almost a year on changes affecting citizenship, children’s rights and language requirements.

Bill C-6 which proposes changes to the Citizenship Act, removes the right to revoke citizenship from dual nationals who are convicted terrorists; ends the obligation for new citizens 14 -18 and 55 -65 to know either English or French; reduces the number of days someone must spend in Canada before they are eligible for citizenship; minors can apply for citizenship independent of their parents.

Bye, bye Canada?

I wonder if I’m really the only person who can see where Trudeau’s Canada is heading?

Down the same path as Sweden?

9 comments to Is Canada becoming North America’s Sweden?

  • NoMore

    The women’s vote really pays dividends for their children.

  • David Craig

    Especially for their daughters who will either be confined to their homes for fear of being attacked should they venture out in the evening or who will be raped should they decide to go out with their friends.

  • david brown

    Canada does have abundance of space. Decades ago the issue was French separatists now it seems the French descended Trudeau is intent on transforming Canada into another multi-ethnic utopia.
    It was the same with Ireland and the conflict between the Catholic Irish and the Scottish descended Protestants.Now Ireland is also transforming itself into a multi-ethnic utopia.

  • Andronicus

    Canada will decline very rapidly. Its many benefits, along with very large child benefits, literally means that a large muslim family shows up and can live quite nicely without anyone ever having to work. In fact, most families pay little to nothing to raise their own children anymore in Canada. Canada is importing massive numbers of muslims annually through the normal immigration process. The illegal migration problem is practically immaterial. Further, muslims maintain a much higher fertility rate than any other immigrant or existing ethnic group. Canada is enthusiastically paying for its own genocide.

  • ben

    Trudeau is a know nothing c*nt.

  • brian rodney

    News from Canadian schools

  • Dallas

    @David Brown – Canada has less space than you’d think. 80% of its population crowds into a 100-mile-wide strip on its southern border, and that’s for a reason. Most of the remainder is unsuitable for growing food.

    Canada’s population is only 1/10th of the US, and has a relatively tiny taxpayer base.

    It’s apparent that Canada seems with this leader to intend to follow the mistakes of Sweden. The speed of the decline will surprise even those few who can see it coming.

  • Carlush

    The Liberal & Secular fabric of today’s western countries (formerly Judaeo/ Christian countries) is also going to spell their Doom! It’s exactly what Islam is exploiting.
    They have an agenda & are ruthlessly pursuing it by rapidly increasing their numbers.

  • b.a. freeman

    bad things were bound to happen in the west anyway; as Carlush noted above, western civilizations (as opposed to eastern, such as japan, china,, and indian (hindu with a touch of buddhism)) had a morality based on judaism and christianity. the west is finishing its abandonment of these latter religions, and seems to prefer no religion instead. the problem is that with no external motivation to behave, why would one *not* behave badly? today’s citizens may act OK – sort of – but tomorrow’s will not. if i like my neighbor’s wife, why not kill him and take her, and all his stuff? yes, other neighbors might get exercised, so U keep it quiet; if nobody knows U’re responsible for the guy’s death, U come out OK, right?

    eastern civilizations have gotten a leg up from the west, once the most advanced civilization on earth. now that the west is committing suicide, they can take over, since some of them still have a moral basis. at least, that’s the way things used to seem to be headed. but looking back, muslims were plotting our downfall all along. no movement is so filled with stupid people that nobody looks at islam, so i can only conclude that although most leftists may be stupid (because the left has controlled education for 40 to 60 years in the west, so students unsurprisingly come out leftist), those who lead them are not. if they can get muslims to spill enough blood in the streets, the leftists in charge in every western nation will benefit when the citizenry begs them to declare martial law to “fix” things. and that will be the end of freedom, this time for many centuries to come.

    but that’s only if the left is able to mass-murder most muslims in the west after they take over. unfortunately for them, islam is a pirate cult in which the most devout are the worst thugs. more and more muslims are becoming pious, and by the time our new leftist dictators actually begin mass murder of muslims, it will be too late, and they will instead be slaughtered by the muslims. since the study of both history and science are considered blasphemous in islam, not only will freedom die, but history itself will die as well. in 200 years after muslims conquer the planet, there will be no memory of what came before, and as they do today in islamic paradises like pakistan and afghanistan, everyday citizens will live short brutish lives in hovels, tormented by diseases like polio, tuberculosis, STDs, and on and on. surely U have seen the fatwas of stupid imams saying that vaccination programs are evil from the west used to kill muslims; think of that when U think of the future.

    to top it all off, the iranian monsters are busily building nuclear weapons. they have every intention of destroying israel, france, and the u.s. (among others). i believe that there is a good chance that they actually seized the malaysian plane that “crashed” into the south pacific; all they had to do was build a temporary landing strip on a deserted island (there are lots of them), land the plane and re-fuel it, and then fly it to iran. they could then take apart the IFF radar transponder and learn to fake responses. they could put a nuke on a plane, put a transponder with the code of a real flight on it, have the plane (armed with an air-to-air missle) rendezvous with the real flight (on the way to the capital city of the nation to be struck), shoot down the real flight well over the horizon from the target, and fly in the bomb plane. the pilot could follow the flight path it was instructed to take by the tower, with the bomb set off while still in the air for maximum damage. the victim nation would have a very hard time figuring out how it was even struck, let alone who did it. i can see the iranian monsters pulling this on several nations, one after another, or perhaps all at once.

    and all of this is courtesy of the traitorous left. they covet power and total control so much that they don’t care about mass death, so long as their death is not part of it. i fear that we will soon be living in times that will make WWII and its mass death seem like a sunday-school picnic.

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