April 2024

We all know all about you!

I’ve just come across a website called “”.

For a very modest fee, you can ask for details about any person you are interested in or whose identity you wish to steal.

“” explains that each of their personal records gives you a complete profile of a person including full name, current address, phone number (if available), age guide, other household occupants, neighbours, property price, neighbouring property prices and even local shop front photos, maps and aerial photography.

“” also claims that an ‘edited Electoral Roll listing’ will include more detail than a ‘free directory enquiry listing‘, and make it much easier to find the person you’re looking for and find all about the person you’re looking for. Moreover, if the person is one of the 4 million people listed in the ‘Director’s database’, will provide you with even more detailed information about that individual.

Below is a sample of a “” personal record. (Apologies that the picture isn’t clear, but you can find a better version on the “” website)

As you can see, anyone with an Internet connection can quickly find out an awful lot about you. No wonder there is so much identity theft.

I believe there are many more websites like “” and I’m sure many others give even more information.

They know who you are. They know all about you.


2 comments to We all know all about you!

  • NoMore

    If you’re off (telephone) directory, ensure you have opted out of the open electoral roll and avoid the likes of Facebook you should be OK. No doubt government agencies have the full skinny on us all though.

  • Twi5ted

    nothing to do with me but I use this website if I want to be nosey about somebody. Used to be able to search for names in a region and bring up any matches. Best to opt out the public voters roll obviously!

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