March 2023
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Sweden is proud to be a new kind of country!

Here’s a very short Swedish government propaganda (sorry, I meant “information”) video.

It aims to convince dopey, boring, progressive, migrant-hugging, libtard Swedes that they must integrate with the invading Religion of Peace and Hatred armies and create a new kind of country – the New Sweden – that the whole world will envy.

It gives an insight into how a civilisation willingly commits suicide.

Good grief!!!!!

7 comments to Sweden is proud to be a new kind of country!

  • Poppa Bear

    I did notice that the propaganda video did not address its message to young, male muslims who are arguably the real problem in Sweden. What a surprise – NOT !


    Not quite a formal surrender but close enough. Sweden is not a good canary in a coal mine to be observed and lessons taken from. Sweden is more of a DODO bird in a coal mine, breathing Muslim methane as deeply as it can.

  • zx80

    Its ok, ill home a poor refugee swede in my garage for a while since his country is no longer his own and hes fleeing islamic persecution.

    Swedish refugees welcome!

    How f*cking stupid must you be to just give your country, history and future away to a bunch of ungrateful terrorist types.
    Maybe the swedes will rise up eventually after theyve been subjugated by their new islamic overlords, but lets not hold our breath, i doubt theyve any sense to understand that its not racist to not want to be dominated by a backward culture….rollseyes.

  • Rastsu

    After the Viking age had finished, so had the Swedes. An utterly gutless race about to be subjugated by muslim barbarians. Enjoy the “new” Sweden.

  • The Reaper

    Just give in, Swedes. Do not fight. Do not resist.
    Just give in, Swedes. You do not need an identity.
    Just give in, Swedes. Fighting is hard, so give in.
    Just give in, Swedes. Close your eyes and let go.
    Just give in, Swedes. You have nothing of worth to fight for.
    Just give in, Swedes. This other race wants your space.
    Just give in, Swedes. It’s over. You’re over.
    Just give in, Swedes. What right do you have?
    Just give in, Swedes. You’re just in the way.

  • BC

    Not familiar with the Thirty Years War then?

  • Tom

    “lets build a country where we can put hate and fear aside”

    Great stuff.
    When do the deportations start

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