July 2024

I can see the future! Can you?

The 20th Century

If we look back at the 20th Century, simplifying slightly we could almost split it into two clear halves;

1. 1900-1945: The two world wars

Two great (and utterly pointless) world wars both largely due to the German need to conquer and dominate other countries. Result – over 77 million slaughtered – a mere 17 million in WWI but a more impressive 60 million in WWII.

2. 1945-1999: Communism vs democracy

The struggle between communism/socialism and democracies which ended in the collapse of communism/socialism everywhere except in fatboy’s glorious People’s Republic of North Korea. The victory of free-market democracy over socialism was believed to be so momentous and so final that in 1992 one celeb historian, Francis Fukuyama, even wrote a book called “The End of History” in which he predicted that what we were witnessing was not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.

As the rise of West-loathing, democracy-loathing, freedom-loathing radical Islam has shown, Mr Fukuyama could not have been more wrong.

The 21st Century

So, what about the 21st Century? What will happen? I propose that we’ll also be able to split the 21st Century into two clearly distinguishable phases:

1. 2000-2050: The people vs the elites

For at least the next 20 to 30 years, we’ll see a struggle between ordinary people and the ruling elites. The people will want to live in clearly-recognisable countries with their own borders, traditions, national identities and democratically-elected governments answerable to voters. The ruling elites want to eradicate the concept of individual nations and using mass migration and transnational institutions like the EU and the UN hand power over from national, democratically-elected governments to a corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, unelected, privileged bureaucratic elite who know what’s best for their supine subjects

2. 2050-2099: The Great European Civil Wars

There are currently around 55 million followers of the Religion of Love and Tolerance in Europe (excluding the goat-botherers in Turkey) – about 7% of the population. By around 2050 there will be somewhere in the region of 100 million. This will only account for about 15% to 20% of the European population. But our Religion of Peace friends will be concentrated in the main cities where they will be a massive majority.

Moreover, the block Religion of Ecstasy vote will be decisive for deciding which party wins any election. So only political parties wanting more Religion of Happiness immigration and pandering to Religion of Joy demands for things like Sharia Law, censorship of free speech, FGM, wife-beating, murder of gays, Jews and apostates and subjugation of the national culture to Islam will be able to win power. Feeling themselves powerless to defend their own countries and identities, the indigenous white populations will start to fight back and violence between the indigenous populations and the invading Muslim armies will increase and lead to civil wars in several countries.

How many will die? I don’t know.

Cheer up

And here to cheer us all up on this Monday morning is the astonishing Pat Condell:

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