July 2024

How the lefties deflect responsibility from their RoP friends – in 5 simple steps

First the good news to start the year

Apparently there was only one decent-sized terror attack on New Year’s Eve. And that involved one inbred, zero-IQ, violent, subhuman goat-botherer murdering 49 other inbred, zero-IQ, subhuman goat-botherers in an Istanbul night club. So we actually enter 2017 with the human gene pool slightly improved. Definitely a reason to be cheerful. Let us hope that many more goat-botherers are similarly despatched to Paradise throughout the course of the year yielding further improvements to the human gene pool.

How the lefties deflect  responsibility from their RoP friends

I hope readers have noticed that every time there is a Religion of Peace terror attack in the West, the lefties use the same tactic to try to deflect blame away from the Religion of Peace perpetrators. The lefties’ tactics seem to involve just five simple steps:

Step 1: The attack

A violent, inbred, sexually-inadequate, rape-obsessed, low-IQ moron shoots, stabs or blows up a few innocents in Germanistan or Francarabia or Belgiumistan.

Step 2: The lies begin

The lefties do everything possible to cover up the fact that the perpetrator was from the Religion of Peace and was screaming “I love my snackbar” while carrying out his murders. The mainstream press leap to the rescue of the lefties by claiming the perpetrator was mentally unstable or in a failing marriage or unhappy at work or whatever else they can think of

Step 3: Someone dares speak the truth

Someone like Nigel Farage or Marine Le Pen, or Geert Wilders or Donald Trump dares to suggest that the murders were religiously inspired and were a result of Merkel and other European leaders allowing an invasion of Europe by over a million military-age, illiterate, unemployable, violent, sexually-frustrated young men from the One and Only True Religion

Step 4: Shoot the messenger

As soon as someone dares to ascribe the massacre to the Religion of Peace, there are howls of outrage from the lefties and the mainstream media. Then Farage or Le Pen or Wilders or Trump are accused of ‘racism’ and of ‘inciting hatred’ and of ‘spreading division’ and of ‘*sl*mophobia’ and lots of other similar ludicrously exaggerated and baseless bollox

Step 5: The *sl*mophobic attacks ‘begin’

The lefties and mainstream media quickly and conveniently forget who was actually responsible for the massacre. Instead they manage to find some fat, ugly, M*sl*m female who claims someone shouted at her in the supermarket or tried to remove her headscarf or whatever. This one incident is then hyped up and used to demonstrate that we are all racist *sl*mophobes and to show how difficult it is for M*sl*ms to integrate when we are all so horrible to them. When it later turns out that the incident never happened and was just a bunch of lies, this is not reported.

So, next time an inbred moron goes on the rampage in a European city, please look out for the way the lefties will try to deflect responsibility from their Religion of Peace buddies using the five simple steps described above.

It seems to work every time.


1 comment to How the lefties deflect responsibility from their RoP friends – in 5 simple steps

  • zx80

    You missed step six, Claiming its only a minority of ROP adherents (that are feeling so left out of society because they hate everyone unlike thenselves) and in no way represents the whole ethos of that mysogynistic, intolerant and barbaric ideology they all claim is just the opposite….

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