December 2022
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For the BBC “Populist” is bad and “Elitist” is good

One of the most common insults the BBC and other mainstream media scum use to show their contempt for people like Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders is “populist”.

The ruling classes and their media lapdogs like to infer that “populist” is the same as “racist”.


But what is the opposite of “populist”?

As far as I can see, the opposite of “populist” is “elitist” – the belief that the self-serving, self-righteous, parasitical elites know what ‘s best for us and that we should do what they tell us and and vote the way they instruct us:


The elites in politics, business, the banks and the media believe that we’re too stupid to know what’s best for our country:


We’ve been obeying the elites for years and all this has given us is the greatest financial crisis for over a century; most Western countries plunged into un-repayable debt in order to save the bankers from their own greed and stupidity; a lost generation as youth unemployment in the Club Med countries seems stuck at around 50%; an unstoppable and disastrous Religion of Peace invasion of our continent; the rich getting richer and the rest of us getting poorer and our rulers with their six-figure pensions (paid for from our taxes) repeatedly telling us that our pitiful State Pension of around £6,000 to £7,000 a year is apparently “unaffordable”.

And, of course, the elites believe that concepts like countries, national borders, patriotism, democracy are just remnants of a discredited past and that we would all be better off if we agreed to be run by an utterly corrupt bureaucracy under the control of Germany – a country against which our forefathers fought two wars to preserve our freedom.

Our rulers may want to genufluct and grovel to their German overlords:


But for us filthy, unwashed, ignorant serfs it’s time to reject the idea that we should allow ourselves to be ruled by Germany and its venal, undemocratic glove puppets in Brussels.

For us, it’s time to be “proud to be populist”:



It’s time to be proud to be either “a dumbed-down, middle-class, aging, Daily-Mail- 0r Express-reading, Thatcherite Little-Englander” or an “openly racist arsehole“.

5 comments to For the BBC “Populist” is bad and “Elitist” is good

  • NoMore

    I’m afraid it’s worse than that. We of the swivel-eyes have gone one step further beyond the pale and also become…nativist. *thunderclap*

  • zx80

    The “youre a racist” jibe has been utterly done to death, so much so that most people who are accused of it now dont see it as anything more than the desperate attempt it is to divert attention from or to shut down an opinion or debate that isnt going the way the stasi lefties would like.

    My usual retort to such as they, daring to assert and inflict their moral monopoly onto me is to simply retort right back; “So f*cking what?” which is usually more than enough to boil copious quantities of lefty urine in their desperation at losing their foothold in the srgument and failing miserably to embarass or shame me, for I care not-one-jot! Squeal away, screech as much as you want cry babies. 😀

    The left dont understand, appreciate or care that opinions are like arseholes, in that everyone has one and sometimes they stink but that none has any more weight than another especially in the arguments about racism, because my soap dodging, gender sympathetic, diversity concious, proressive, vocally excessive pals, its a fact of life that all races are racist to each other and always will be, no matter how many laws you invoke or how many times you foam at the mouth with your spittle flecked hysterical wailing, no one actually gives a shit about being labelled anymore, the stigmas none existent, the accusations lost its impact through your continued overuse of it, its a burned out label, we have no F*cks left to give.
    Nor shall we.

  • Col

    Populism is defined as telling people what they want to hear in order to get yourself elected. After you are elected, you quietly drop your promises. Witness the Farage reverse-ferret on June 24 and the Trump back-pedalling now going on. A politician comes in many forms but the ambition is the same.

  • MGJ

    Now that pretty much everybody, including Stevie Wonder and Mahatma Gandhi are branded “racists”, they are out of ammo on that one. Respond with laughter and sarcasm.

    As for “populist”, an effective response can be to embrace the insult. Just look at “deplorables”. The term has been enthusiastically accepted around the world to identify anybody who rejects cultural Marxist thought control.

  • dave

    Well, as i’m quite aged, think i’ll opt to be a dumbed down something or other.

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