April 2024

Who in their right mind would want to visit Paris?

With just over 18 million visitors a year Paris is (sorry, I meant “was”) the third most visited capital city in the world. That’s not surprising given the city’s many attractions:


But the last 12 months haven’t been so kind to the Froggy, especially the Parisian, tourist industry. Visitor numbers are down by at least 30% (what? Only 30%?).

The Brits and the Japanese and the Americans and the Chinese and many others may be sensibly staying away from your Third-World slum (sorry, I meant “wonderful city”). But fear not Froggies. A new group of visitors have taken their place. The lovely people from North Africa and the Middle East have poured into the French capital.

North Africa

Here are some of the North African ‘tourists’ enjoying France’s greatest city:


The new visitors even put on shows to entertain the few people stupid enough to still live in or visit the French capital:


Middle East

And here are visitors from the Middle East blending in with the local French way of life:

Stay away!

Of course, this now means that many proper tourists and businesspeople are avoiding Paris like the plague. This means many French people are afraid to leave their homes after dark. This means that the Gare du Nord resembles a poorer area of Mogadishu. And it means you risk your valuables and even your life if you dare to take the metro.

But, hey, it’s what you voted for, Froggies – a left-wing, impotent, balding, sexually-incontinent imbecile under the thumb of the ruler of Greater Germany.

I’m glad I visited Paris when it was a First-World city.

I’m never going back to that filthy, excrement-covered hell-hole into which the feeble-minded French have turned their once extraordinary city.

2 comments to Who in their right mind would want to visit Paris?

  • Gloria from Victoria

    The French have let this problem creep up on ’em and now it’s possibly so serious there’s no easy answer. When I was there 4 years ago the black African’s and their trinkets were a constant and obvious nuisance with the police often moving ’em on, however, now it’s a nightmare place. I was briefly in the Gare du Nord area earlier this year and what a shithole and from all accounts it’s gotten a lot worse in recent months. Staycation anyone?

  • MGJ

    None of this is an accident. It is a wilful act of governments and the elite plutocrats who own them.

    Two and a half millenia of Western civilisation gone in just a few years because ordinary people are scared of feeling uncomfortable and being called racist.

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