May 2021
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Hey Americans! Do you really want to turn your once great country into Merkel’s Eurapia?

Here’s a message from someone who actually understands how Europe is committing cultural and civilisational suicide and who doesn’t want America to follow Eurapia’s path to civil war and hell.

Brigitte Gabriel is a Lebanese Christian, now living in America. Unlike our *sl*mophiliac rulers – especially Merkel and Clinton – Brigitte Gabriel has seen at first hand the chaos, violence, poverty and backwardness that the followers of the Only One True Religion bring to every country they invade.

In a few years time, after President Hillary “I’m funded by the Saudis and Goldman Sachs” Clinton takes office and turns America into Eurapia, people will be able to look back and wonder why they didn’t listen to the warnings from people like Brigitte Gabriel who have real experience of the reality of the new Caliphate:


3 comments to Hey Americans! Do you really want to turn your once great country into Merkel’s Eurapia?

  • NoMore

    Sadly Brigitte seesm to be the exception to the rule when it comes to the female vote – the map of their voting intentions is nearly all red for Clinton whereas for men it is nearly all blue for Trump. They seem to have no sense of survival. The only hope is that group-think (to which women are particularly prone), virtue-signalling and PC (likewise) will play less of a part in the intimate privacy of the voting booth.

  • David Brown

    The same anti- Russian propaganda is being pushed across the news media from so called left to right.just as anti-Trump stuff was promoted by all the MSM.Trump wants to work things out with Putin. Russia wants Trump to win.

    The elite have intentionally facilitated the Muslim invasion of Western Europe . Hilary called for no fly zone in Syria and planes to import millions of Muslims into America.
    All part of a complex plan for evil. ?

  • zx80

    Brigitte Gabriel for President.

    Armed insurrection may be the only option left when shtf.

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