June 2024

We should welcome and help all the ‘child’ gimmegrants and rapefugees!

Come on! Stop being so cold-hearted! Stop being so selfish!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Lily Allen (who is she?) and Bono and Geldorf and all the other multi-millionaire luvvies with their many luxury homes and fat, self-serving slobs like Diane Abbott demand that we disgusting, unwashed, pig-ignorant, waaaccciiissssttt plebs should allow 800 million illiterate, unemployable, violent, intolerant, inbred, backward , West-hating Middle-East and African gimmegrants and rapefugees into our overcrowded, increasingly bankrupt country.

The bleeding-heart, holier-than-thou, progressive, enlightened elites tell us that we make them “ashamed to be British”.

So, do as you’re told by your superiors! Welcome millions of gimmegrants and rapefugees!

Give generously or else I’ll also be “ashamed to be British”.


4 comments to We should welcome and help all the ‘child’ gimmegrants and rapefugees!

  • brian rodney harwood

    Lily Allen is, as I am sure you already know, the daughter of the actor Keith Allen – how else do you suppose she got into show-business.

  • David Brown

    Diane Abbott has made a lot of money during her left wing political career and has a million pound house in Middleton Road Hackney.
    Not a single public personality calling on the UK to take in even more migrants posing as refugees has offered rooms to any in their spacious homes. They want social housing to be given to migrants before citizens of this country.

  • Hitlery

    Why Cameron and the UK Elite wanted to bomb and slaughter Syrians . For their American Masters.


    the U.S. and its fundamentalist-Sunni allies, the Sauds, and Qataris, are using Al Qaeda and other jihadists to conquer enough of a strip through Syria so that U.S. companies such as Halliburton will be able safely to place pipelines there, to be marketed in Europe by U.S. firms such as Exxon

    also includes link on the following.

    “Obama conquered and took over Ukraine in February 2014 via his coup that overthrew the democratically elected neutralist Ukrainian President there”

  • MGJ

    If Lineker and the other virtue-signalling twatterati are so upset then take them in as nannies and playmates for your own children. Second thoughts no, not even their children deserve that.

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