June 2024

One law for us – no laws for them

Imagine I was to write that ‘all shirtlifters should be killed’ or that ‘we should hate everybody from the Religion of Tolerance, Understanding and Peace’.

Before you could shout “I love my snackbar”, I’d be having my collar felt by our useless, politically-correct police and would soon be prosecuted by some progressive, holier-than-thou judge for homophobia and *sl*mophobia and inciting hatred and lots of other similar bollox.

But when it comes to our friends from the Religion of Tolerance, Understanding and Peace, it seems they can say what they like.

It really seems to be one law for us and no law for them:

A pub quiz question for you

Oh, and talking of the horrific rise in *sl*mophobic attacks so often claimed by the mainstream media – in particular the Guardian and the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation – here’s a pub quiz question for you:


Which has killed most people? Beastly *sl*mophobic attacks? Or religiously-inspired attacks carried out by members of the Religion of Tolerance, Understanding and Peace?


Number of people killed in *sl*mophobic attacks – 0

Number of people killed in 29,349 attacks since 9/11 by members of the Religion of Peace – over 146,000.

2 comments to One law for us – no laws for them

  • David Brown

    18 % of migrants settling in England are from the Indian sub-continent. What percent are Muslims from Pakistan . This migration has nothing to do with the EU but UN family reunion treaties. Arranged migration marriages.The Labour Government of Blair fast tracked Pakistan visa applications. 8% of primary school children are now Muslim .
    How many babies born in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium , France , Sweden are Muslim and will be a major percentage of Europe’s future population.

  • AtheistAmerican

    It’s all about Islam being a RELIGION…
    In America we are all taught (a.k.a. brainwashed) into believing that all RELIGIONS are not only Great for the people (and you can’t be a GOOD PERSON WITHOUT A RELIGION) but that ALL RELIGIONS HAVE TO BE RESPECTED.
    In fact, in this country, all religions aren’t taxed, and thanks to “In God We Trust” on all our currency (since the start of the Cold War to prove we’re better than the godLess Commies) the vast majority of Americans KNOW there’s a God and it’s on the side of U.S.A…
    So in theory any and every religion is GREAT… I think if someone revived an old human sacrifice religion, it would be honored as such… You don’t like it? Got something against Religion? Then you’re an Anti-American Atheist Scumbag (like yours truly here)… You’ll be discriminated against, slandered, and Watched (since non-religious people are, naturally, not only against God but against all things Good and American!)…

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