July 2024

These are NOT coincidences! We’re NOT all the same!

Mark Twain is generally credited with writing or saying “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes”.

Occasionally you’ll come across journalists or commentators trotting out this cliche as if it makes them appear more intelligent and insightful than the rest of us. When using this phrase, the suggestion seems to be something like ‘because of human nature, we’ll tend to repeat certain patterns of behaviour’.

But I believe that Twain (or whoever) was exposing something deeper – and something that is now completely politically incorrect.

Let me explain:

Germany: Is it a coincidence that Germany has tried three times (the most recent attempt being successful) to conquer the rest of Europe? Or is this due to certain German characteristics – hard work, obedience to authority, sense of superiority – which mean Germans will always revert to this kind of behaviour?

Britain: Is it a coincidence that Britain has tried three times to free Europe from German domination – first in in two World Wars and then in the Brexit decision? Or is this due to an innate British belief in democracy and freedom?

Protestant countries: Is it a coincidence that most European Protestant countries tend to be fairly successful and equitable societies? Or is there something in the Protestant ethic which leads to this?

Catholic countries: Is it a coincidence that almost all the world’s Catholic countries are corrupt, chaotic, bankrupt failing societies? Or is this connected to something within Catholicism which promotes family, greed and selfishness above any sense of societal values

Africa: Many of the world’s potentially richest countries are in Africa. But is it a coincidence that pretty much all African countries are filthy, venal, undeveloped, violent, hopeless cesspits? Or is this because……….

I could go on. But that would mean me exposing my possible prejudices about our dear friends from Africa and our even dearer friends from the Religion of Tolerance and Peace. And you’re allowed to criticise anyone you want except Africans (that would be racism) and those wonderful adherents of the world’s one and true religion (as that would get you killed).

So, instead I’d like to present a shortish video celebrating (I think) our wonderful diversity…..

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