May 2024

Do stupid German girls deserve to be RoP-raped?

There are a few deeply disturbing aspects of the video (link below) of some of Germany’s new arrivals enjoying a day at their local swimming pool:

  • Why are there so many men and so few females in the pool? (When I write ‘men’, I of course mean ‘inbred, violent, misogynist, backward, useless, illiterate, unemployable, sex-obsessed morons’)
  • What are the ‘men’ really up to? Are they having innocent fun? Or is this ‘Tahharush’  – a charming, medieval, misogynist custom whereby the men lure girls into the centre of a group, close in on them and then start touching their breasts and buttocks and shoving their fingers into their vaginas and anuses?
  • Why do the pool attendants do nothing? Have German men completely lost their masculinity? If so, it’s no wonder the new arrivals despise them so much
  • Why do the girls join in the ‘fun’? How stupid are they? Don’t they know what’s going on? Don’t they ever see the news? Don’t they understand the multi-cultural enrichment they’ll suffer if they let any of Merkel’s migrant masses get near them?

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  • BimboBill

    Gennifer Flowers confirms Hillary Clinton’s homosexuality.

    Saying she “never considered theirs a traditional marriage,” Flowers explained that Bill Clinton offered a characteristically unrefined critique of his wife’s extramarital exploits.

    “He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had,” she recalled.

    According to Flowers, rumors of a romantic relationship between Hillary and Huma Abedin was not surprising. Married to disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, Abedin also stood by her husband throughout a prolonged sex scandal.

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