July 2024

Lying establishment stooges’ lying pro-EU lies

Over the last couple of days, you probably received a leaflet from the Remainians campaign in which nine wealthy establishment stooges tell us why we pig-ignorant, servile plebs must vote to stay in the corrupt, undemocratic, German-run European Union which they all love so much.

Here are the nine with their lies and my brief explanation how they are lying:

stooges 1 altmann

stooges 2 bramall

stooges 3 branson

stooges 5 hawking

stooges 4

stooges 6 martin lewis

Then there’s Karren Brady claiming “Britain can create more jobs in Europe”. First, Ms Brady seems confused about the difference between a continent (Europe) and a rotten political stitch-up (the European Union). Moreover, what Ms Brady doesn’t mention is that 70% of the jobs Britain creates are taken by unemployed EU citizens and that, if Britain hadn’t mopped up millions of unemployed EU citizens, there would already have been riots and social breakdown across the bankrupt, stagnating Club Med countries.

And Mark Carney former Goldman Sachs employee and now Governor of the Bank of England. That would be the Goldman Sachs which earned millions cooking Greece’s books to make it look like Greece qualified to join the Euro – and now we in the UK are paying billions to bail Greece out.

And finally some ugly old harridan from the TUC, happy to see her members’ incomes squeezed through uncontrolled EU immigration as she has a big salary and generous pension so her precious job isn’t threatened by mass immigration – the usual “I’m alright Jack!” attitude from those who so lucratively claim to be representing ordinary workers.

Don’t believe the pro-EU stooges’ lies and lies and lies. Vote OUT on 23 June!

3 comments to Lying establishment stooges’ lying pro-EU lies

  • David Brown

    the people who come here and read this will most probably agree with its sound reason and logical response to the remain lies. May i suggest some go to the Facebook pages of the Green Party and Political activist Billy Bragg who support remaining in the EU. They have doubters and undecided among their readers you can publish a comment and post a link to this superb article.

  • John Fields

    Mr Craig, may I add the biggest liar of them all, the Chancellor, Mr Osborne.
    He threatens us with big tax rises etc. Just an excuse to cover up the fact that the man
    could not manage an ice-cream van. After six years he has doubled the National
    Debt to £1.7 triiion and is still running a monthly National Deficit. I am still trying to figure
    out how this shower got back in office?

  • MGJ

    Let us take a quick look at each of these characters and see if there is any common theme…

    1) Ros Altman. Without government making pensions unbelievably complicated and difficult to understand, she’d be out of a job. Therefore wants more government.

    2) Lord Bramall. Without government embarking on ruinously expensive and utterly stupid wars, he and his mates would be out of a job. Therefore wants more government.

    3) Richard Branson. Without big government working hand in hand with big business, there’d be pesky little companies competing with the big boys. Can’t have that. Solution is more government.

    4) Stephen Hawking. No government, no job. Needs more government.

    5) Cathy Warwick. She and all her members employed by the government. Scared to death by the free market. Therefore wants more government.

    6) Martin Lewis. He doesn’t sound too sure and how the hell would he know anyway? But lots of government rules and regulations to be exploited gives him opportunities that would not exist when simply enforcing contracts between buyer and seller. Benefits from more government.

    So yes…those whose income comes from government want as much of it as possible.

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