October 2021
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Finland – suicide too?

Yesterday I produced a few charts supporting the view that, by taking in proportionately more migrants from the Religion of Rape than any other country, Sweden has committed cultural and social suicide.

Just over the border from increasingly violent and Third-World Sweden, we have damp, cold, bleak Finland. How are things going there? I haven’t got any figures yet. But here are some jolly photos of Finnish girls, young Finnish girls, in fact extremely young Finnish girls successfully integrating with adherents of the Religion of Rape.

The Third-World migrants seem to be very happy. I wonder what the girls’ parents think?

finland girls 4

finland girls 1

finland girls 3

finland girls 2

finland girls 5

2 comments to Finland – suicide too?

  • TimeTrekker

    If I ever succeed in my time travel experiments and dare to alter history… I would go back some 1400 years to the Middle East and make sure a sorry schizophrenic fucker named Muhammad “The Prophet” never existed.
    I’d put a bullet through the fucker’s brain. Instead of Islam I’d replace it with a secular/atheistic “religion” based on science and reason.

  • brian ferrier

    I blame Muhammad’s parents.

    If I could go back 1400 years I would report Muhammad’s mum and dad to social services.

    It just proves that Nichola Sturgeon’s NAMED PERSON SCHEME, where every family in Scotland has a Cyril Smith type “named person” appointed to interfere in the way the children are raised, has it’s merits.

    Mohammad as a child was probably not consulted by his parents about the style of wallpaper he wanted in his cave. We all know the results of where that led to now !

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