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Sweden’s suicide – the numbers prove it

I have already written about how the UN Human Development Index has predicted Sweden will become a Third World country by 2030 because Sweden has taken in more M*sl*m migrants per head of population than any other country:

Sweden less developed ve developed countries

Of course, that’s just a forecast and the *slamophiliacs who are running Sweden (into the ground?) can dismiss such a forecast as mere speculation.

So, I’ve found some reliable hard numbers (apart from the rapidly increasing numbers of rapes that the Swedish authorities and compliant Swedish media try to conceal) which prove, beyond any doubt, that mass M*sl*m immigration is destroying Sweden.

There’s a survey done every three years, the PISA survey (Programme for International Student Assessment), which compares the educational performance of over 500,000 students in 65 countries. Here’s how Sweden scored in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012:

pisa-sweden-420x280 (1)

 Oh, and here is the what’s happened in Swedish schools since 2000:

sweden pisa

Ooops! Not looking too good, is it

In 2000, Sweden was one of the best performers coming 9th in reading, 10th in science and 15th in maths. In the most recent test for which I have been able to find the results – 2012 – Sweden had fallen from 9th in reading to 36th, from 10th in science to 38th and from 15th in maths to 38th.

Commenting on the collapse in educational standards in Sweden, the OECD wrote “the country’s performance in the OECD’s PISA survey has declined over the past decade from around average to significantly below average. No other country taking part in PISA has seen a steeper fall“.

The Guardian has written quite a few articles about the unfolding horror story that is Sweden’s educational system and has consistently blamed Sweden’s decline on its policy of ‘free schools’ (not under local education authority control) which has been copied by the Tories and which the Guardian naturally opposes. No Guardian article ever mentions Sweden’s M*sl*m immigration.

The M*sl*m migrants children seem to cause two types of problem. Firstly, they don’t want to learn and well over half of all immigrant children in Sweden fail to reach the required educational level. Secondly, they are so disruptive and violent that they prevent other children learning.

Here’s link to a short video showing M*sl*m immigrant children studying hard at a Swedish school so they can become well educated and make a positive contribution to Swedish society:

3 comments to Sweden’s suicide – the numbers prove it

  • mmw

    Informative article as always – thanks. You’ll probably not see the new story below covered by the MSM.

  • Michael Mc Menamin

    I have met and worked with many good Muslims, I have met good and bad, hard working and lazy. You cannot categorize laziness toward a nation or a religious faith. Bad management in education is at the core of this problem, when / where we have high influxes of migrants into our communities I agree we cannot slow down the education of others to wait on “catch up” from those who as yet cannot even speak the language properly, never mind try to learn fundamentals in many subjects that are part of the standard curriculum. What is required is a 2 tier system of learning (maybe more) that allows the student to reach a suitable academic level that provides the path and the gateway into main stream learning with other students. Not isolationism to make one feel separate but a well thought out manageable system that integrates all in the final analysis. You cannot drive a Ferrari first if all you have ever driven is a Lada!! Get in the queue of learning and all will quality equally. We are all the same, but as the world over there are many different starting blocks.

  • Teflon Tory2

    EU’s Refugee Dilemma: “Growing Panic” on How to Change Terms of Deal with Devil.

    When you make a deal with the devil, it’s certain the devil will insist you keep up your end of the bargain.

    That’s precisely where we are at today in regards to the European refugee crisis.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed off on a deal with the devil (Turkey) that would give 80 million Turkish Muslims visa-free access to the EU. As part of the deal, Turkey will receive €3 billion in aid.

    In return, Turkey agreed to halt the flow of refugees pouring into Greece.

    Turkey did stop the flow of refugees into Greece, and now the devil wants his due.

    “Growing Panic”

    The Financial Times reports EU States Grow Wary as Turkey Presses for Action on Visas Pledge.

    European diplomats are agonising over their politically perilous promise to grant visa-free travel to 80m Turks, amid strong warnings from Ankara that the EU migration deal will fold without a positive visa decision by June.

    The EU’s month-old deal to return migrants from Greece to Turkey has dramatically cut flows across the Aegean, easing what had been an acute migration crisis. But the pact rests on sweeteners for Ankara that the EU is struggling to deliver — above all, giving Turkish citizens short-term travel rights to Europe’s Schengen area.

    Germany, France and other countries nervous of a political backlash over Muslim migration have started exploring options to make the concession more politically palatable, including through safeguard clauses, extra conditions or watered-down terms. The political calculations are further complicated by looming EU visa decisions for Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo.

    One senior EU official said the search for alternatives reflected “growing panic” in Berlin and Paris over the looming need to deliver the pledge. The various options, the official added, were “a political smokescreen” to muster support in the Bundestag and European Parliament, which must also vote on the measures.

    Devil Chimes In

    “They cannot and should not change the rules of the game . . . We expect them to stick to what was agreed, otherwise how can we continue to trust the EU? We delivered on our side of the bargain. Now it is their turn,” said the devil’s spokesperson, Selim Yenel, Turkey’s ambassador to the EU.

    Supposedly it now takes a “a political smokescreen” to muster support in the Bundestag and European Parliament, which must also vote on the measures.

    In other words, Merkel signed off on a deal that was not hers to make.

    The devil himself chimed in.

    “The EU needs Turkey more than Turkey needs the EU,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said recently.

    EU Unhappiness

    Brussels is unhappy with the way Turkey has passed data protection laws and has issues with some of its terrorism legislation impinging on minority rights.

    EU officials have in the past blamed Ankara’s liberal visa policy — and even the plethora of destinations offered by Turkish Airlines — for making it too easy for people to risk the trip to Europe via Turkey. At the same time, Brussels is also demanding that Turkey give visa-free access to all EU citizens.

    In regards to the above EU unhappiness, a lawyer representing the devil emailed me today stating “Where does the deal specify data protection and minority rights? Please show me the clause.”

    The devil ended his email to Mish with this line “When did I promise happiness?”

    Deal History

    March 7: Devil Demands and Receives More Concessions from Merkel: In Bed with a Dictator
    March 8: Needs of the “One”; Merkel’s Backstabbing; Devil Cheers
    March 9: EU leaders Recoil from Merkel’s Deal With the Devil
    March 15: Tusk Blasts Merkel Citing “Animal Farm”, Seeks to “Rebalance” Refugee Deal
    April 20: Devil demands his due, stating “It’s too late to rebalance signed deal”.
    Unknown Future Date: I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the EU died.

    Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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