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Galileo was wrong – the sun does go round the earth

Let’s relax today and enjoy one and a half minutes of a M*sl*m scholar explaining that the Earth is fixed (as apparently stated in the Great Book) and the sun and planets orbit around the Earth.

After all, if the Earth rotated, you wouldn’t need to fly anywhere. You could just go up in the air and wait for the country you wanted to visit to come to you. Moreover, if the Earth moved, all our houses and buildings would fall off. I mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

One of this idiot’s best lines is “the West has all kinds of theories, but we M*sl*ms also have brains”.

When Europe becomes Eurabia within the next 30-40 years, this is the kind of stuff they’ll be teaching in our schools. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!

By the way, isn’t it amazing that not a single member of Brussels’s M*sl*m community recognises the third Brussels airport bomber in spite of extensive clear video footage. A cynic might think that an awful lot of Belgium’s M*sl*ms know very well who he is but won’t tell the police as they actually support the mass murder of us worthless, lower-than-pigs kaffirs.

(I’m away for a couple of days. Back blogging on Monday 11 April)

4 comments to Galileo was wrong – the sun does go round the earth

  • AtheistDude

    Not surprisingly, this is nothing new.
    The diaper-heads have been pushing this shit for 1400 years–and they will Continue to push it because it’s in their holy Urine book so it Must be True because it’s the Literal Word of Allah! You dare to change One Word of it, and you’re body parts!

    What’s extra scary: if you say they’re Wrong, you’re “insulting Islam” and they’ll use That to destroy you (metaphorically and/or physically)! After all you’re Attacking Their Belief System!!

    These Stone Age shitheads have to be Stopped. One way or another…

    The same load of crap states that the sun sinks into a pool of murky water at the end of every day and, I think, that MooHamMad himself saw it happen!

  • Brian Ferrier

    Dear Atheist Dude,

    I think when insulting Islam, it should be done with eloquence and style.

    You pass on all counts,

    Well done sir !!

  • AtheistDude

    Insult? If I wanted to Insult Islam I’d simply ask What GOOD has Islam done for the world in, oh, the 1400 odd years it’s been in existence…
    All the other savage religions have either died out or “evolved” into more peaceful ones… But nothing but nothing kills, abuses, and destroys like Islam does to this very day in the 21st Century.

  • jacob jackson

    ImmigrantISIS can be fatal.

    Reader from Sweden Comments on “Inevitable Collapse of Welfare System” Caused by Influx of Refugees.

    Reader “Kenneth”, from Sweden, thinks a collapse in the Swedish economy is coming due to the huge influx of refugees and the free handouts given to them.

    Kenneth compares Sweden to Germany, citing his take on jobs, pensions, and free benefits.

    Kenneth writes …..

    Hi Mish

    You are fully aware of the European refuge crisis. But Sweden is in the forefront of the crisis. Sweden has received more than double of the immigrants per capita than Germany. The Swedish politicians and media told us that the immigrants are a win-win situation for Sweden.

    But just recently the Riksdag (Riksdagshuset), the Swedish parliament, posted a study that shows only 34% of immigrants have a steady job after 15 years in Sweden. That study was based on immigrants who came in when we had a small immigration.

    Now we have a huge influx of “MENA” immigrants of which many can not read or write. Simple jobs of that nature do not exist in Sweden. So, how many of today’s migrants will have a job 15 years from now?

    This is the beginning of the collapse of the Swedish welfare state and our pension system.

    The only solution I see is a total economic/financial collapse so that the politicians get no more of other people’s money. This collapse is inevitable.

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