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Dutch not frightened by “Project Fear”

Readers will know that in his sham ‘negotiations’ with his EU bosses Cameron asked for nothing and got even less than that. So, unable to say anything positive about Britain’s relationship with the German-run EU, Cameron has resorted to “Project Fear” – try to frighten people so much about the supposed ‘dangers’ of leaving the EU that they vote to remain.

The Dutch ruling elites have just tried the same trick. A Eurosceptic group managed to raise more than 300,000 signatures on a demand for a referendum on a new trade deal between the corrupt, rotten EU and corrupt, rotten Ukraine.

Just like lying PR spiv Cameron, the Dutch elites tried to frighten people into voting to support the EU/Ukraine deal by claiming that a ‘No’ vote would encourage Russia’s Putin to invade more East European countries. Having worked in Holland, I’d say that the Dutch electorate are better educated than British voters and amazingly the Dutch voted by a large majority of 61% to 38% to reject the line pushed on them by their Europhiliac rulers .

But hold on. The deal the Dutch were voting on was over 2,000 pages long. How many Dutch actually read it? Probably less than ten.

So, what were the Dutch really voting on? Probably they were expressing their loathing of the undemocratic, wasteful, economically-sclerotic, failing European Union and the arrogant, parasitical Europhiliac elites who are all getting rich riding on the EU gravy train.

The Dutch weren’t frightened by their rulers’ “Project Fear”. ‘Dutch courage’ really does exist.

Let’s hope that on June 23 the British can also find sufficient backbone to tell our ruling elites that we’re fed up of their bullying and lies.

4 comments to Dutch not frightened by “Project Fear”

  • NoMore

    Excellent result – what it demonstrated especially is how motivated the anti-EU side is as compared to the pro-EU or “who cares” side. The Dutch helped this factor I believe by only opening a fraction of the usual number of polling stations as they would have in a normal election. This might have just been to save money in the expectation of a low turnout rather than to try and engineer a low turnout (below the 30% minimum) or fix the result. Only anti-EUers would be motivated enough to go out of their way to get their message across.

  • David Brown

    In a few months Turkish citizens no longer require visas to enter the main EU zone. That means lots of others using clone Turkish passports.
    German Development Minister Gerd Muller says over eight million African migrants are gathering on the Libyan coast. Waiting container ships to take them to Italy.

  • Andrew Eaves

    Mr Cameron is planning to spend 10million pounds on a mass leaflet drop of why its good to stay in the EU. Reminds me of the leaflet drops made by the Nazies in WWII (not that I am that old).
    A quote from Mr Farage on the UKIP site “There is a petition on the Government website that has already hit 50,000 signatures calling for the Government to stop ‘spending British taxpayers’ money on Pro-EU Referendum leaflets’ I can only encourage as many people as possible to sign it and send a clear message to the Government. It is our money and he doesn’t have our permission to spend it in this way”.
    Please reveiew and sign if in agreement and share.

  • Mike T

    Draghi Has Ruined Europe.

    Draghi, though, has become an embarrassment beyond my powers of elocution. Exhibit A is Deutsche Bank, shown below. As you can plain see, the stock price is – – and please let this sink in – – far lower than it was during the worst depths of the Financial Crisis. Try to imagine Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan being a single-digit stock these days, and you get the picture (of course, Yellen would never let that happen to the tribe. But I digress).

    In any event, Draghi has mortgaged the future of his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and further descendents (his own infertility and/or impotence notwithstanding……..stay with me on this one) in exchange for the brief illusion of recovery. He. Will Fail.

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