February 2023
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It’s wonderful to see political incorrectness

Apparently a swarm of bees attacked worshippers at a mosque in Arizona.

Bloody *sl*mophobic bees!!!

Here’s the story. The story itself is nothing special, but the political incorrectness of some readers’ comments is wonderfully refreshing:

Here are a few of the comments:

Allan is angry that you’re living with the imperialists in the United States, go home!

There will be shouts of racism and terrorist attacks on bee hives world wide now….

My new hobby is going to be beekeeping

Not only do they aggravate everybody else on the planet, they aggravate bees too!

An ACT OF GOD WOOHOO ! ! !, but in Britain the police would arrest the beekeeper for RACE HATE crimes, and the mooslums would get oodles of luvverly COMPO

All those injured are said to be in a stable condition., unfortunately

Allan works in mysterious ways?

The will of Allan. He obviously doesn’t like the way Islam has been going recently

Bees probably don’t like their eternal wailing, either!

Oh how awful. I hope they’re all okay (the bees I mean) !!

These creatures are nasty. They attack you if you are walking in the park, They attack if you are eating a sweetie, they attack you for no reason, But bees are ok

Even the bees have formed an opinion about them

UK government is offering asylum to any muslim fearing attack from bees but only to males of a fighting age, the women and children can stay put and suffer

What a shame the bees did not have machine guns

Remove the Mosque, hence no problem, Bees happy and we are happy

I wonder if I can train my bees

good.. nice to see nature not only abhors a vacuum , but Muslims too !

Maybe Allan could send a swarm of mosque-itoes next time.

Bees carry out a jihad suicide attack on Muslims. Epic

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