June 2024

Shock!!! Horror!!! Merkel gets screwed by greasy Turk

Oh dear, I fear that fragrant Angela ‘Hitler’ Merkel has just been screwed by a greasy Turk. Not literally screwed, of course. Even a M*sl*m wouldn’t put his little M*h*mmed into Merkel’s bushy nether regions. I mean metaphorically screwed.

I don’t quite know exactly what happened at the latest EU talks last weekend with Turkey about stopping the migrant crisis.

But I think things went something like this:

Firstly, the useless EU leaders led by Donald Tusk almost reached some kind of deal with Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Then last Sunday night the (IMHO) greasy, lying, devious Turkish scumbag invited Merkel for dinner. The result of the dinner was that the Turks tore up the previous almost-deal and made new demands that Merkel cravenly accepted.

merkel and turk

So now we have the EU agreeing to:

  • resettle a Syrian migrant into the EU from camps in Turkey (they’re not refugees as they’ve already reached a safe country) for every migrant returned from Greece to Turkey
  • about 77 million, mostly impoverished M*sl*m Turks will get visa-free travel to any EU country by June this year. So will millions of Pakistanis, Africans, Indians, Somalis and other such garbage provided they can pay fifty quid or so for a fake Turkish passport (EU border officials will be instructed not to examine Turkish passports too closely just as the police in EU countries are instructed to turn a blind eye to robberies and rapes committed by M*sl*ms)
  • the EU will give Turkey another three billion euros (in addition to the three billion already pledged) to supposedly help it house the migrant masses. Most of this money will, as usual, be stolen by the corrupt and increasingly despotic ruler Erdogan and his family and cronies and certainly won’t go anywhere near any migrants or refugees or whatever you want to call them
  • the EU will accelerate the admission into the EU of Turkey with its 77 million backward, uneducated, violent, intolerant, intellectually-challenged, lazy, unemployable M*sl*ms and millions more with fake Turkish identity papers

Other EU leaders are said to be apoplectic about Merkel running the EU as if she was its dictator. Yet, however much they bitch and moan, the cowards always capitulate to what the ugly German Fuhrerin demands.

Merkel claims to be slowing the M*sl*m invasion of Europe. What she’s actually doing is legalising it in order to conceal it.

Here’s Nigel Farage – as usual the only person who sees the utter lunacy of the EU giving in to Turkish blackmail. But Farage is only reacting to the EU’s initial negotiating position with Turkey. This brief (2 mins) speech was given before we found out about treacherous, liar Merkel’s dirty backroom deal:

There are many reasons to vote “Leave”.

But just the admission of primitive, backward, impoverished *sl*mic cesspit Turkey (and anyone with a fake Turkish passport) into the EU would in itself be sufficient reason to leave this crumbling madhouse and become a free independent country again.

Vote – Leave! There is no other sane choice!

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  • David Fletcher

    I been trying to find the origin of ‘Greasy Turk’, a phrase that you have used in one of your articles about Mrs Merkel, but I can’t find one. My only thought is that it originates from Turkish wrestling as the wrestlers are covered in grease. It was a derogatory term I heard as a child.

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