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The EU Referendum – a battle between the elites and the rest of us

The elites are queuing up to tell us ignorant, unwashed proles that we must vote to abandon our country’s sovereignty and stay in their undemocratic, corrupt, wasteful EU.

We’ve had multi-millionaire Lord Rose, head of the Remain campaign, admit that if we left the EU British wages would rise and that would be bad for his businesses which prefer to import more qualified EU workers who are willing to accept lower pay than their British counterparts.

Then there was multi-millionaire Lord Mandelson, a former EU trade commissioner who claims not to have been involved in the decision to lower import tariffs on Russian aluminium – a decision that greatly enriched one of Mr Mandelscum’s Russian oligarch friends on whose massive yacht Mandelscum had holidayed.

And there have been a bunch of the usual leftie luvvies like Emma ‘Global Warming’ Thompson.

The elites love the EU. It provides low-paid workers for their businesses, low-paid builders and plumbers and nannies etc for their multi-million pound homes, the opportunity to buy luxury holiday homes in France and Italy and people like Mandelscum can earn millions by lobbying their mates in the EU to change EU laws to suit their powerful clients – usually big businesses and billionaires with dubious fortunes.

Plus the elites don’t have to use our overburdened NHS, they don’t have to put their children into our crowded failing schools, they don’t have to rely on our overworked police to guard their well-protected multi-million pound homes, they don’t have to live in areas being swamped by Eastern European and M*sl*m migrants and they don’t see their wages being pushed down by competition from EU workers.

But most of all, the elites love the EU because it crushes democracy. The elites are always afraid some popular outsider like Donald Trump or Nigel Farage will shake the status quo that has made the elites rich and powerful. The EU over-rides democracy as, the few times EU countries have voted against EU plans, they’re just told to vote again till they get the right answer or if their governments oppose EU plans, the EU just replaces their government with unelected EU bureaucrats.

I quite liked a comment by a Times reader in response to yet another article by one of the elites instructing us plebs to vote to remain in the EU. Here’s the comment:

I am continually told the UK must be in the EU to manipulate/change the rules. So how come Merkel just does what she wants yet we have to obey the rules?? I have no say in blocking the one million refugees/economic migrants yet I am continually told by the insane “you have to be in it to change it” club that I and we as a nation can change the way EU leaders behave and think.

It is the most ridiculous and stupid insane statement ever.

The UK Is now being told to stump up another £65 million plus…….when will it end ….the UK is broke yet we borrow money to pay for refugees/economic migrants from other countries whilst our own people are suffering. My mum always told me charity begins at home. You make sure you and your family are sorted first.

My son is 29 and still lives at home. Why ? Because of low wages driven down by EU. Because no social housing is available as it goes to those who score the most points on the biased housing system which inevitably means that migrants/refugees get social housing first……..despite never having paid into the system.

My daughter and her boyfriend pay extortionate rent and are both just above minimum wage yet cannot get social housing …..again because of the rigged housing system. He was homeless as a single person some years ago and they told him to live on the streets or ask a neighbour in the street where he used to live could they take him in. Yet we find homes for migrants/refugees at a drop of a hat and fully furnish/equip them with all the mod cons.

So myself (a pensioner who pays tax on just above min wage level), my son, my daughter & her boyfriend all paying tax, all just existing are not allowed to claim any benefits, not allowed any social housing ……yet our money goes to migrants/refugees …….this all goes against the original principles of the welfare state……it’s a welfare state for BRITONS NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD.

My children will never be able to buy a home. The UK is finished. The EU is all about corporate greed and using cheap labour. It does not represent the working man/woman in this country. The Labour Party has turned its back on the working population and is now a loony fringe party. The Tories are rabid pro Europe business fanatics, the LibDems are ….well the LibDems (God help us) ….. We need a Trump in this country to give the establishment a good kicking before we lose our sovereignty and the ability to govern ourselves for good.

I cannot believe that our spineless, gutless politicians who we pay to represent us have rolled over for the EU and big business. They are a load of Judases and should be taken out and disposed of.

We must get out of this travesty that is the EU now.


The EU Referendum is the last chance we will ever get to stop the elites stealing our country, our democracy, our freedom and what little is left of our sovereignty.

Don’t let the elites scare you! Vote – Leave!

2 comments to The EU Referendum – a battle between the elites and the rest of us

  • John Fields

    May I digress Mr Craig. I watched Sir John Major on the Andrew Marr show.
    As you know, Sir John is a staunch supporter of the E.U. Andrew Marr asked him about
    his background i.e., grammar school to Prime Minister. In his reply with regard to his feelings for the working class he said ” do you know that out of 10 most deprived
    areas in the E.U. 7 are in the U.K. What does that say for over 40 years tied to
    Europe. When we joined I remember Sir Edward Heath telling us how we would prosper.
    If we leave how can we do any worse than 7 out of 10 deprived areas from
    28 countries!

  • George Taylor

    Sir John Major on the TV ? Slagging off Boris !
    The only thing sincere & honest thing John Major ever said was
    ” You cant beat a hot Curry”

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