Following the events in Paris, Dhimmi Dave Cameron and Barak Hussein Obama both came out with the usual drivel about the murders having “nothing to do with *sl*m which is a religion of peace” and they claimed that “the vast majority of M*sl*ms were utterly opposed to such violence”. Cameron did this during PM’s questions this Wednesday and Obama did it at a G20 conference in Turkey. This is all on YouTube. But I won’t even bother giving you the links as you’ve probably heard the same rubbish many times before.

Perhaps surprisingly, a poll conducted by none other than the politically-correct BBC suggests that Cameron and Obama are lying through their teeth.

The BBC found that 45% of British M*sl*ms felt that “M*sl*m clerics preaching that violence against the West can be justified are in touch with mainstream M*sl*m opinion”. Moreover, 46% felt that “being a M*sl*m in Britain was difficult because of prejudice against *sl*m”.

I just can’t guess why British people might feel “prejudice against *sl*m”:


After all, Dave says *sl*m is a “religion of peace”:

supremacist 3

I’ve tried to write a parable of life in Britain today

Johnny goes to the teacher and says, “the M*sl*m boy attacked me”.

“Oh”, said the teacher, “then we’d better tie Johnny’s hands together to stop any retaliation which might cause trouble”.

Next day Johnny said the M*sl*m boy attacked him again.

“Oh”, said the teacher, “then we’d better tighten the rope around Johnny’s hands, because it’s not working and Johnny is still getting into fights”.

Next day Johnny told the teacher the M*sl*m boy attacked him yet again.

“Oh”, said the head teacher and she expelled Johnny from school for being a trouble-maker and a racist *sl*mophobe.

Then the M*sl*m boy and his five friends raped Johnny’s 12-year-old sister.

“Oh”, said the social worker, “that must be Johnny the racist’s fault again for provoking the poor, innocent M*sl*m boys”.

A few days later, a gang of M*sl*m boys attacked Johnny in the street and left him so badly injured that he was put on life support in the local hospital.

“Oh”, said the policeman as he looked at Johnny’s file. “I can see that Johnny has a record of *sl*mophobia. If Johnny recovers we’ll have to prosecute him for incitement to racial hatred”.

But Johnny died from his injuries. The teacher, head teacher, social worker and policeman were all relieved that the racist *sl*mophobe Johnny would not cause any more problems for them. As for the M*sl*m boys who killed Johnny, two of them were radicalised at their local mosque, became Jihadis and went to fight in Syria where they beheaded a few people. Then they came back to Britain and went on a murder spree in the London Underground during rush hour killing over thirty innocents.

“Oh”, said the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and the Home Secretary, and Sami Chakrabarti and all the journalists at the BBC and Channel 4, “the attacks had nothing to do with *sl*m and we’re all responsible because we didn’t do enough to integrate the M*sl*m boys into British society”.

(Incidentally, I posted this parable on the Daily Telegraph website an hour ago and now it has been deleted by the moderator. I guess I must be considered an *sl*mophobe)