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Oh dear, Lord Rose, you can judge a man by the company he keeps

So, the Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) campaign has launched and has managed to secure none other than the suave, debonair, multi-millionaire retailer and former head of M&S Lord Stuart Rose as its Chairman:

lord rose

But who are the other key figures – the ‘big beasts’ – of the BSE campaign to cravenly hand over control of our country to the Germans and French?

Well here are some of the other shining beacons of honesty and integrity queuing up to betray our country and the memory of the hundreds of thousands of better men who died in two World Wars to preserve our freedom:

Lord Peter “Try the Backdoor” Mandelscum – the ‘Prince of Darkness’ himself. Possibly the second most loathed person in Britain. A man who once warned us our country faced economic disaster if we didn’t join the euro. When Mandelscum was EU Trade Commissioner, the EU dramatically lowered import tariffs on Russian aluminium further vastly enriching one of Mandelscum’s Russian oligarch friends (on whose yacht Mandelscum had holidayed). Of course, Mandelscum’s spokesperson informed us that Mandelscum had nothing to do with the decision.

Sir Peter Wall, the former head of the British Army, who was a key figure in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In case you had forgotten, we lost in both campaigns mainly due to appalling leadership, no clarity of goals and our troops being sent into action shockingly under-equipped with insufficient armoured vehicles and helicopters. Sir Peter, now retired, is available at £5,000 to £10,000 a shot to gives talks on such topics as Strategy, Resilience, Leadership, Crisis Management, Communication, High Command and teamwork. Though I doubt he’ll answer questions on how many British troops were killed or maimed completely unnecessarily under his command.

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major, perhaps best know for his admirable courage in bonking the delectable Edwina “Eggs will Kill You” Currie

Former Prime Minister Tony “(IMHO) Liar and War Criminal” Blair, possibly the most loathed person in Britain. A creature whose blatant lies about Saddam’s supposed WMDs took us into an illegal war making Blair and his chums very rich indeed. And a man who some people believe gave away much of Britain’s previously substantial EU rebate in the hope of ingratiating himself with other EU leaders so that he could become EU president after leaving Downing Street

Possibly the worst Prime Minister Britain has ever had, the economically-illiterate, financially incontinent Gordon “I’ve abolished Boom and Bust” Brown. A man who, with the help of the equally useless Ed Balls, virtually bankrupted Britain by wasting over £1,229,100,000,000 of taxpayers’ money

Not only has the (formerly?) highly respected Lord Rose allied himself with a bunch of people who many might consider to be knaves, thieves, liars and worse, but Lord Rose also seems to have ‘slightly’ changed his views on the EU since becoming Chairman of the BSE campaign. Here are some of Lord Rose’s best EU quotes before and after he became Chairman:

stuart rose change mind


Oh dear, Lord Rose, I really think you’ve done yourself no favours by allowing the treacherous scumbags in Britain Stronger in Europe to use you as their figurehead.

21 comments to Oh dear, Lord Rose, you can judge a man by the company he keeps

  • NoMore

    Islum will certainly be stronger in Europe when the Turks join.

    P.S. Could someone remind then that Britain will always be in Europe due to us being attached to its continental shelf – perhaps they mean EU.

  • tony potts

    Turkey Surprise.Turkey Demands entry to Europistan.

    Turkish minister outlines Ankara’s ‘five demands’ from EU.

    “Turkey wants a just negotiation process; it wants an end to this nonsensical mentality on the visa issue; it wants concrete cooperation against terrorism; it wants an end to the placing of the Cyprus problem as an obstacle [before Turkey’s EU bid] and it wants its leaders to be invited to EU summits alongside other candidate countries,” Egemen Bağış, state minister and chief EU negotiator, said late Monday at a dinner he gave to the members of the Diplomatic Correspondents’ Association, or DMD.
    “It’s not wrong to voice these demands,” Bağış said, adding that Turkey will not be the one to kill the negotiation process. “Turkey won’t fall by the wayside.”

  • tony potts


    Islam will replace Christianity in Europe just as Christianity replaced Paganism centuries ago, and it will conquer by womb rather than the sword to make Latvia an Islamic State, claim Muslim community leaders in the Baltic country.

    Speaking in an interview with Latvia’s Morning Independent newspaper, the chairman and head spokesman of the Islamic Cultural Centre, better known as Riga Mosque, said while they both had three children with their wives each “we are working to have more” in an effort to colonise the country faster.

  • tony potts

    Hamburg becomes first German city to recognize Islamic holidays.

    Hamburg has become Germany’s first city to recognize Islamic holidays, a move meant to encourage the integration of a religious minority often vilified by opponents of immigration.
    Muslim employees and students will be allowed days off to celebrate their holidays and Islamic classes will be allowed in state schools, authorities and Islamic groups said after negotiations lasting five years.
    “We hope that the introduction of Muslim religious classes in the northern city-state will be a signal for the other fifteen German states,” said Daniel Abdin from Hamburg’s council of Islamic communities. “This agreement is an important step toward a recognition of Islam in the country.”
    The agreement will come into force next year, the first of this kind in a country, home to some four million Muslims, about half of whom have German citizenship.

  • tony potts

    The climate models used by alarmist scientists to predict global warming are getting worse, not better; carbon dioxide does far more good than harm; and President Obama has backed the “wrong side” in the war on “climate change.”

    So says one of the world’s greatest theoretical physicists, Dr Freeman Dyson (pictured above), the British-born, naturalised American citizen who worked at Princeton University as a contemporary of Einstein and has advised the US government on a wide range of scientific and technical issues.

    In an interview with Andrew Orlowski of The Register, Dyson expressed his despair at the current scientific obsession with climate change which he says is “not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to the obvious facts.”

  • tony potts


    Villagers in a tiny, rural area of Lower Saxony in Germany, are demanding answers after it transpired that their village with a population of just a few hundred will be forced to accept one thousand migrants due to Angela Merkel’s decision to throw open her country’s borders.

    The main questions they ask are: why here, why us, and why now? The village is on a minor road lined with traditional half-timbered bungalows, vegetable gardens and farms with almost no infrastructure or local shops for daily needs. There are empty office buildings where the refugees are to be accommodated but aside from pasture and apple orchards, that’s about it.

    A packed public meeting was held last night in Sumte to discuss local concerns over the migrant influx and Spiegel Online reports that it didn’t go well.

    The town hall was the venue. It began with the mayor and local officials expressing utter surprise that anyone could possibly be worried by so many newcomers. “I did not expect so many interested residents,” the mayor began as an official from the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior looked on. Uproar followed.

    “Thousand are just too many”, resident Dirk Hammer told the meeting. His family has lived for 400 years in the village. He wants as many as a “reasonable solution” would allow to “minimize disruption” but ultimately the feelings expressed were that residents were not consulted and now they were being forced to accommodated over 1,000 people in a village that has never been home to more than 100.

    So the Mayor was surprised that a country village of less than 100 inhabitants is over run with a 1000 migrants.I think the Mayor must be an imbecile.

  • charliepug

    I like the acronym BSE Britain in Europe, of course you could use it’s other meaning. Mad cow disease, which just about sums them all up.

  • mike peters

    Britain’s Cameron to unveil EU demands in November.

    Brusselsistan (AFP) – British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would unveil his long-awaited EU renegotiation demands early next month, amid growing impatience from his European partners.

    So its a secret, can only assume he is negotiating stronger and greater ties, its obvious, dressed up as a renegotiation of course, how dumb does he think we are? as dumb as him?

  • mike peters

    Net Neutrality: Don’t Let Obama Take Over The Internet.

    I have warned in the past that President Obama wants the government to regulate the Internet. Specifically, the Internet would be placed under the control to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)) and be regulated as a “public utility” as a part of what Mr. Obama deceivingly refers to as “Net Neutrality.”

    Details only to revealed after bill is passed. So enjoy the last few websites that tell the truth while you can, before they are Regulated/Shutdown.

  • mike peters

    You see this is what they said in January 2015, before their planned summer debacle mass influx.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel will offer U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron a compromise on immigration, pledging support for welfare curbs so long as Europe’s freedom-of-movement rights are not called into question.
    Merkel agrees with Cameron that European Union countries must be more effectively shielded from abuse of benefits, if necessary by changing EU laws, according to a German government official who asked not to be named discussing strategy. The chancellor will seek common ground with Cameron on the matter today during a visit to London, the official said.
    Consensus on one aspect of EU immigration is unlikely to defuse a subject that’s put the two leaders at odds. Merkel publicly criticized Cameron’s plans last year to clamp down on immigration, saying that the fundamental right to freedom of movement in the EU is unassailable. If he chooses not to heed that warning, she cannot help him any further in the EU, the German official said.

    Please dont believe a word they say, if their lips are movin then they l** *i* **e

  • Too Many.

    At least one European leader has his head screwed on the right way round.

    Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended his hard-line stance against refugees, the vast majority of whom are Muslim, saying in an interview published Friday that Islam “has never been part of Europe.”

    Speaking to Germany’s Focus news weekly about the record migrant influx, he said “the language of the European elite is ideological and dogmatic.”

    “Islam has never been part of Europe, it came to us,” Orban told Focus in an interview to be published in full Saturday.

  • Too Many.

    Tony Potts,
    Yes cant wait for Turkey to join the EU and bring all their home grown extremists with them.

    Ankara bombing attacks trail leads to homegrown militants.

    ANKARA: Turkey is confronting the uncomfortable prospect the suicide bombers behind the Ankara attack were homegrown militants who were radicalised at home and already known to the authorities as a potential menace to society.

  • MGJ

    We don’t need to wait to find out what DC’s ‘demands’ will be; it is not hard to work out how it will all progress.

    First I suspect said demands will be agreed in advance with the EU so that they can be portrayed in the UK as tough and uncompromising whilst simultaneously placing no obligation on anyone else to do anything.

    There’ll be nothing quantifiable, just aspirations. The usual stuff. Words such as security, cooperation and freedom will probably crop up somewhere, they usually do.

    Whatever is agreed will require more government, more interference, more laws and less individual freedom. Of that we may be sure.

    Then we’ll have the frenzied excitement of a last gasp triumph, as Britain wins the day. Hooray for Dave!

    Thus reassured that our influence is undiminished and we really matter, we can vote YES and continue the ghastly project safe in the knowledge that the naysayers’ goose is cooked for at least a couple of generations.

    Alternatively the nasty EU fails to meet our demands and Dave does the honourable thing and joins the NO campaign. I wonder what odds you could get…?

  • tim brownely

    Blackmail time! Germany considers bailout “concessions”, if Greece keeps more refugees
    Posted by keeptalkinggreece in Very Mix

    The German Government is considering to ‘help’ Greece financially – but only if Athens is more involved in the refugee crisis. This is what German daily Wirtschaftswoche ‘learned’ from German government sources.

    “Our highest priority is currently that more refugees remain in Greece.“

    Germany offers to be more open and eventually close an eye or two, when it comes to strict implementation of the 3. bailout program and the One Million and One Prior Actions and Structural Reforms, if Greece accepts to keep more refugees in the country.
    According to WiWo, “some 400,000 refugees have arrived in Greece since the beginning of the year. among them also many boat-refugees who arrive through the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey and want to travel further to European Union, especially to Germany.”

    ‘And on to Benefits Britain of course’

  • tim brownely

    Tony Potts, more on the Turkish situation from the Dail Wail.

    Turkey holds Europe to ransom over migrants: Country issues list of demands – including 3 billion euros in ‘aid’ – in return for tightening border controls
    EU states have struck a deal with Turkey to try and tackle migrant crisis
    Includes prospect of easier access to travel visas for 78 million Turks
    Deal includes possible €3bn in aid and renewed talks over it joining EU.

    Read more:
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  • bill downs

    Tim, why didnt Greece leave the EU when they had the chance. Imagine having control of your own borders and no one to answer to , especially the EU Merkel ,Stasi.

  • Liam Donnelly

    ‘Convert or die’ ISIS graffiti jihadis declare first European ‘caliphate’
    ISLAMIC State graffiti has appeared in a European city as sympathisers of the group claim “the caliphate is here”.

    Sweden Again, Our FUTURE WRIT LARGE.

  • bill downs

    Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Reached.

    Some Countries just cant wait to give away their freedom.

  • NoMore

    Least the EU is not even pretending anymore to be any other than a totalitarian elitist oligarchy that, ASAP before the jig is up, wants to replace us non-progressive nationalistic cultured free-thinkers with backward devil-worshipping goat-herders with allegiance only to Big State and its benefits. Can they do it before the Great Unwashed wake up and stop them? Who knows – like waking a long-term coma patient isn’t it?

  • bill downs

    NoMore, I dont think they will wake up until it is far too late. The ignorance,short sightedness, gullibilty ,trust in leadership by the British people in particular is truly astounding.

  • bill downs

    You see we are in the grip of Social Liberals . the like of George Soros. But this is just another from of Liberalism that leaves a void to by filled by a violent hand.

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