July 2024

Hey, dumbass Americans! Democracy and *sl*m don’t go together!

I would like to recommend this short (2-3 minutes) YouTube video (sent to me by a reader). It features part of an interview with American General Wesley Clark where he explains that the Americans really believed that, if they threw out the oppressive regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria and other Middle East states, they would suddenly become nice, democratic countries and be best buddies with America (apologies if you’ve already watched the video, but it’s so damning that it’s worth seeing again to fully appreciate the stupidity of our rulers):

In another interview, Clark explained the US Middle East strategy of toppling regimes that were not friendly to America:

wesley clark

Ooops. It seems the Americans were wrong. It seems that when you kill lots of M*sl*ms to supposedly ‘liberate them’, they don’t end up liking you. Who would have thunk it?

But worse, experience has taught some of us that M*sl*m countries, where pretty much every sect and tribe and religious group hate each other, need to be controlled by a strong leader otherwise they fall into chaos and the anarchy of internecine civil war. We should have learnt this in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. I’ve learnt this, dear reader, and I’m sure you have too. But our stupid rulers have learnt nothing.

And that’s why we now we have the utter mess in Syria. Putin understands that we need to reinstate Bashar “Basher” Assad and get the place under control again (if that’s possible). But Obama and Cameron are still bleating about Syrian ‘democracy’. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

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  • david brown

    Syria was a french colonel construct just as Iraq was a British colonel construct. They where only together by despots. There was one democracy Iran in 1953 a coup by CIA/ MI6 overthrew its elected government and installed the Shah seen as a puppet, Iranians are not Arabs but people much like us. A popular rebellion against was hijacked by the Lenin figure Khomeini. Who turned Iran into a Islamic state of evil. Khomeini had when he was married 28 married a ten year old girl and was a sex pervert just like the founder of the religion of peace. Just as the Nazis and Communist evil has gone from the Earth one day Iran may be free of the demonic evil of Militant Islam

  • Ross

    Did anyone spot the fake Syria map on bbc news at 10 last night showing as Syrian forces, ISIS and the FREE SYRIAN ARMY taking up the rest of the land. The reality is the FSA is just a tiny force that controls hardly any territory it’s all other extremists. The lies never stop

  • Chris

    Have a look at PNAC. Wikileaks and Wikispooks. George W Bush was a founder member and before 9/11 PNAC proposed exactly what Wesley says happened after the attack. The invasion of Iraq was planned befor 9/11.
    So Whilst Wesley Clark obviously believed that 9/11 was a crystallising terrorist attack which spawned USA’s involvement in Iraq etc, many have concluded that PNAC’s wish came true because it was an inside job planned to give President Bush the opportunity to pursue PNAC’s agenda.
    Interestingly, in its 1997 Statement of Principles PNAC stated
    “the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor.”

  • david brown

    Chris people in Saudia where the main instigators of 9/11. I do not think it was engineered by the US. The did not actually claim Saddam was involved. The uk used a false claim that Saddam was seeking weapons of mass destruction Blair and Campbell falsified MI6 reports to mislead the house of Commons. The now retired MI6 pretty much made this clear in the Telegraph. Cameron used false pretext of protecting civilians to trash Libya he than used the claim Assad used chemical weapons as justification in attacking Syria. If he had got his way ISIS would now be in control.

  • martin jones

    How ironic, 2015 Nobel Peace Prize (Originated by a swede double irony) Favourite contender so far is Angel Merkel for her response to the massive influx of refugees into Europe.

    It should have gone to US 4 Star General Wesley Clark.

  • Chris

    David, of course Saudi nationals were the patsies but I cannot see how they were the main instigators. What happened to WTC 7 is the tell tale evidence.

    How/why did NORAD stand down that day? so no air defence planes flew into NY. How/why did Larry Silverstein make $16 billion personally from terrorist insurance(having bought WTC 6 weeks before) when WTC 7 demolished itself in less than 7 seconds, when no plane had hit it? The official NIST investigation concluded that fires one floor around one column caused a 47 storey building to collapse in its own footprint. Plus BBC announced the collapse before it happened plus local fire men used loudhailers to warn of imminent collapse plus Silverstein is on a news video saying “We decided to pull the building”. In my view Silverstein knew what was about to happen. Along with many others

    Why did Bush hamper the calls for an extensive investigation? Why are 28 pages of the officiial report still redacted? Congress cannot get the contents released. Why?

    Why was debris/steel removed from a crime scene without forensic police analysis? Why have so many of the fire fighters that day since died of cancer. Again without any investigation?

    In my view some Saudis (amongst other nationals) were in cahoots with some very very important americans. So Saudi nationals were not the main instigators and the Bush government seems to have been part of the preparations and cover up.

    Just look at the videos and judge for yourself. Also did you know that only 3 buildings have ‘ever’ collapsed due to being on fire. WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7.

  • martin jones

    Whats happened is the charitable sheeple of the UK and Europe are applying Christian values of Charity , Generosity and Welcome to a Religion that sees all these actions as weakness to be exploited to further their own ends and advancement.

  • peter fuller

    Anyone using Gmail be aware when you accept latest privacy intrusion, that you have given them the right to read your email contents and store the contents.

    “When you use Google services to do things like write a message in Gmail or comment on a YouTube video, we store the information you create”

  • peter fuller

    You see some people never learn . In his quest to pursue Obameron politics against Russia Cameron plays a dangerous game for us all.

    Britain backs return of ‘Cold War’ nuclear drills as Nato hardens against Russia
    Nato should rehearse escalating from conventional to nuclear attacks for first time since the Cold War.

    Now similar actions in 1983 took us to the brink of all out Nuclear War. I assume he thinks the personal vindictiveness is worth the risk to us all.

    Huge Nato war games exercise took world to edge of nuclear war in 1983.
    Incident ‘far more serious’ than 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

    A massive Nato war games exercise took the world to the brink of nuclear disaster when the Soviet Union mistakenly believed the drill was a real attack, freshly released classified documents have revealed.

  • NoMore

    Nice juxtaposition of democracy and Islum today with lots of bums in the air in front of the Houses of Parliament. Apparentally a!!ah isn’t keen on all this man made climate change. Wonder if Saudi will stop selling all that nasty oil so k world can return to the 7th century allowing the gimmegrants to assimilate immediately.

  • Were Introuble

    If the individuals who run Western governments really wanted to solve the refugee problem, they would throttle way back on welfare-state policies and then stay out of the Middle East free-for-all. It’s really as simple as that.

    But don’t count on the mainstream media to figure this out. They effectively operate as an organ of the State. I bet they’ll keep prescribing more of the same bad medicine that caused this crisis to begin with.

    This will help to cover the tracks of the real perpetrators, and it will obscure other real problems. I expect the media to ramp up the “blame the foreigner” sentiment, as it helps the US and EU governments distract the anger of their citizens from the sputtering economy and the shrinking of their civil liberties. From the politicians’ perspective, it’s a win-win. But it’s a lose-lose for citizens hoping for accountable government.

    And this brings up another uncomfortable truth for Americans and Europeans. The way the political and economic winds are blowing, things could get much worse.

    Central banks around the globe have created the biggest financial bubble in world history.

    The social and political implications of this bubble bursting are even more dangerous than the financial consequences.

    An economic depression and currency inflation (perhaps hyperinflation) are very much in the cards. These things rarely lead to anything but bigger government, less freedom, and shrinking prosperity. Sometimes they lead to much worse.

    One day the shoe could be on the other foot. We could see American and European refugees fleeing to South America or other havens to escape the problems in their home countries. It would be an ironic twist.

  • david brown

    CHRIS the usually lie about why we are going to war eg 1914
    Bin Laden was an architect who almost succeed in 1993 in taking one of the Towers down with a bomb.
    They did not need 9/11 they just lied as to their motives.

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