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What does Sweden teach us about the benefits of multi-culturalism?

(Apologies, but it’s Sweden again today)

Due largely to the British Empire, our country has been taking in migrants for generations. There have been so many different groups coming here – Indians, Pakistanis, Afro-Caribbeans and others – that it’s difficult to link any clear social changes to any specific group of immigrants.

But Sweden is a different case. Up till the 1970’s there was limited immigration to Sweden. In fact, more people were leaving Sweden than arriving there:

sweden immigration

(The blue line is those leaving Sweden, the red line is the number of immigrants arriving in Sweden)

Then the doors were flung open to almost all and sundry. Now around 2,400,000 of Sweden’s 9,700,000 population (about one in four people) are either born abroad or have one or two parents born abroad.

So, who is coming to Sweden? Before the 1970s, the largest foreign-born population in Sweden came from Finland and Poland. But since the 1970s, arrivals in Sweden have been overwhelmingly from countries practising the Religion of Tolerance and Peace:

sweden asylum seekers

So, Sweden gives us a good case study of what happens when a country allows in large numbers of people with a quite different culture and quite different social norms than the indigenous population.

Yesterday, I showed an apparent correlation between the number of rapes in Sweden and the rise in immigration:

sweden rape 2

(The red line is the number of reported rapes and the the grey columns are the number of residence permits handed out to foreigners)

Here are some other crime figures from once peaceful Sweden:

sweden crime 1

I don’t think the above chart needs any comments or explanations from me.

The Swedish Government and media aggressively oppress anyone who dares express concern about the levels of M*sl*m immigration and their effect on Sweden. So there are quite a few videos on YouTube where worried people express their outrage at what is happening in Sweden.

Here’s one which focuses on the fact that Sweden will me a majority M*sl*m country by 2050

And finally, here’s Pat Condell saying “goodbye” to the peaceful Sweden of the past and “hello” to Swedistan:


5 comments to What does Sweden teach us about the benefits of multi-culturalism?

  • NoMore

    Something makes me think Germany will be catching up fast on that comparative crime rate graph…

    Unfortunately “niceness” as practised by liberal fools is not a useful Darwinian trait.

  • david brown

    Most of the so called Syrian refuges are not from Syria. The majority of which are males of military age. An added incentive to make the trek is that Germany and Sweden have lots of blonde women.

  • peter king

    Many Swedish men are effete and their women are taken by dominant alpha males. It recalls 1960 movie The Time Machine in which the savage Morlocks pray on the passive blonde Eloi.

  • Chris

    RT today reports that President Assad claims the worst foreign t-ists are Swedish. I bet there aren’t any named Lars or Erik. By the way, HG Wells wrote the book entitled The Time Machine (1895).


    Very good post & I agree! Here is something similar I wrote back in 2009. (I imagine many of the links are now gone.) Yet, despite years of evidence that Muslims do not assimilate nor “enhance” more Western countries continue down the same ethnic and cultural suicide path.

    British Women Pay High Price for Multiculturalism

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