February 2023
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Get ready, it seems we’re about to have a full-scale religious war in Britain

Normally I like to write my own blog. But I found this story in the Times and just wanted to bring it to your notice as it may be the most important story this year.

It seems that we are starting to see intimidation and violence in Britain between our lovely Sunnis and equally lovely Shiites. Who would have thought it? After all, they both come from the Religion of Peace.

But we can still be confident that both hate us even more than they hate each other while expecting our evil kaffir police to protect them from each other’s hatred and intolerance.

We have imported hell and our country will never recover.

Here’s the story. I particularly recommend the readers’ comments if they all haven’t been deleted by the moderator by the time you click on the link below. 

If the article is stuck behind a pay-wall, here are the first few paragraphs:

Religious sectarianism is on the rise in Britain’s Muslim community and threatens to spill over into violent crime and terrorism, leading clerics warned yesterday.

An investigation by The Times has found a sharp but largely hidden rise in sectarian tensions between the minority Shia community and the dominant Sunni groups, driven by the long, bitter war in Syria.

Ill-feeling is being stoked by vitriolic preachers on both sides of the divide — including some who lecture at British universities — and incidents such as assaults, attacks on buildings and intimidation online.

Sayed Ammar Nakshwani, one of the world’s leading Shia clerics, revealed that he recently left Britain for the United States after enduring years of intimidation from hardline Sunnis who allegedly threatened his life, followed his parents and vandalised his car.

Sheikh Ahmed Haneef, a Shia imam in London, called for 24-hour police protection for Shia mosques and said that community leaders needed to step up security to guard against the threat of “blowback” from Islamic State sympathisers carrying out terrorist attacks.

No doubt we’ll soon have the mad Muzzies all attacking each other in Britain and then blaming us for not protecting them from each other’s intolerance and hatred.

Coming soon to a street near you:

sunni vs shia

2 comments to Get ready, it seems we’re about to have a full-scale religious war in Britain

  • NoMore

    Unfortunately the article is behind their paywall but it’s very predictable to all but our “elites” – like putting rats in a bag.

  • John Fields

    If it turned into a blood bath maybe that would be good for us infidels!

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