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Poor wee Davey Cameron – caught between a frog and a hard place

You could almost feel sorry for our noble ruler, David Cameron. There he was, grandly touring the EU’s capitals, trying to get support for his great ‘renegotiation’ before the in/out referendum forced on him by UKIP and suddenly the Calais crisis explodes.

This gave our wee Davey a problem. He should be kicking the useless Hollande’s lardy arse and forcing him to sort out the Calais mess. But Davey needs French support for getting better terms for Britain in his beloved EU superstate. So he daren’t criticise the French for the Calais disaster.

Truly our Davey is caught between a frog and a hard place:

frog and hard place

But there is one aspect of the Calais migrant crisis I don’t understand. I thought EU rules on immigrants claiming asylum were very clear. Asylum-seekers had to claim asylum in the first EU country they reached. If this is the case, then every single migrant caught entering Britain illegally, should be immediately shipped back to France. Those are the EU rules. But, of course, Davey doesn’t want to upset the French and so we fools in Britain end up paying millions for accommodation, feeding and policing of tens of thousands of people who shouldn’t be in our country.

Oh dear, that’s another nice mess you’ve got us into Mr Cameron. So here’s my welcome message for all those wonderful people flooding into Britain:

message to migrants

As the M*sl*m hordes stream into Britain, I guess it’s now a race to see which European country will be the first to become an *sl*mic State. Sweden seems to be leading the pack. With Holland coming a close second. But with our M*sl*m population growing at a rate of around 120,000 a year and the population of ethnic British declining, we may soon catch up:

2 comments to Poor wee Davey Cameron – caught between a frog and a hard place

  • Stuz Graz

    Thought for asylum cases there is no onus on the individual to claim in the first country. Hence we have people at Calais to try and prevent them entering because once in UK and the claim lodged we cannot deport back to Europe.

  • david brown

    stuz graz – think this is wrong. The are supposed to claim in the first safe country they enter. However the highest court in the land ruled back in 2010 that any asylum seeker coming here from France or Germany can not be returned as they do not have the same criteria for what constitutes a valid claim.

    Cameron will do nothing to really reduce the migrant swarm as it drives up property prices and land developers are major financial backers of the Conservative party.

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