July 2021
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You can get an awful lot of money for betraying Britain to the German-controlled EU

Some people will have realised that the long-awaited EU in/out referendum will be a stitch-up and Britain will vote to stay in.

First, there’s the question “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?” Our rulers know that in any referendum it’s always psychologically easier for people to vote ‘yes’ to continue the situation they know than vote ‘no’ and face the uncertainty of change.

What if the question had been “Should Britain be an independent, self-governing country?” That would get a very different result.

Or what if the question had been “Should Britain be an independent, self-governing country with control over its own borders and laws?” I rather suspect this would receive a resounding “YES!”

Then there’s the flood or tsunami of our money handed over to the bureaucrats of Brussels, that they then use to support organisations and media groups across Europe that are pro-EU and which keep pumping out pro-EU propaganda.

I don’t have the latest figures. But here are the ones from my book THE GREAT EUROPEAN RIP-OFF:

– Each year the EU distributes over 24,000 grants worth more than €9bn to organisations and media groups that are pro-EU. The BBC gets millions in grants and low-interest loans as do the main media groups in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and many other countries. When asked about €141m in low-interest loans, the BBC claimed “there were no editorial obligations whatsoever attached to the three EIB loans”. But organisations tend not to bite the hand that feeds them. In just one year Radio France pocketed €5.8m. When I was in Brussels researching my book, many journalists I met complained that they were not allowed to write any articles criticising EU incompetence and corruption as their bosses knew these would lead to them losing their EU millions

– The DG (Directorate General) Education gives out a further €1bn to over 500 organisations, universities and schools that “foster the idea of belonging to the European Union”. Many British universities and schools receive some of this money

– The DG Information and Media hands out over €1.24bn to around 800 media organisations across Europe in return for them putting out positive stories of the benefits of belonging to the EU

So, when organisations hit the media in the run-up to the EU referendum, just follow the money – look at how much EU cash they’re taking to betray our country and hand over control of Britain to the German-dominated United States of Europe.

Here’s a short (2 mins) YouTube video I came across just scratching the surface of the ‘Judas Iscariot problem’ – the organisations that are eagerly taking the EU pieces of silver to betray our country:

4 comments to You can get an awful lot of money for betraying Britain to the German-controlled EU

  • david brown

    Some might recall Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock who was against our EU membership until after ceasing to be party leader who went on to acquire millions as an EU commissioner.

    All the people ,plus the ones we do not know about, in receipt of EU covert bribes can be relied on to push scare stories about all sorts of bad economic things that would happen such as run on sterling if the people voted out.

  • John Fields

    When is someone going to mention that the Queen’s speech in Germany a few weeks
    ago put three million votes into the ‘Yes’ camp.

  • MGJ

    I hadn’t realised it was quite so blatant – particularly the bit about BBC funding – so thanks for pointing it out.

    The sheer level of EU manipulation in the economy came into sharp focus for me last year. During a visit to the Outer Hebrides, I noticed even the local chip shop had a sign on it proudly stating it was “supported” by the EU!

  • PamWM

    Yes, thanks for publicising these figures. At this stage I think I’d vote to stay in: rather an EU controlled by an ethical Germany with support from the UK, than one controlled by the French, who would be quite shameless in manipulating everyone else to get what they want. Without the UK’s support, Germany would give in to France’s blackmailing and the EU would become what it was always intended to be: a way of projecting French power.

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