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How Qu’meron is stupidly creating Britain’s mini caliphates

One of the ‘great’ policy ideas of Dhimmi Dave Qu’meron and Osama Bin Osborne is to devolve more power over decision-making and spending to Britain’s cities. The background to this is that the Tories see how London’s economy has boomed since it has had an elected mayor and its own assembly. So their reasoning is something along the lines of – if we want to revive the Midlands and create a ‘Northern powerhouse’, all we need to do is give other cities similar powers to those devolved to London.

So far so good. We’re lucky our leaders are so smart!

But there’s just one small fly in the ointment: You can only devolve powers and spending if you have a relatively homogeneous society. You can only devolve powers and spending if you’re doing this to people who share similar cultural and social beliefs. You cannot devolve powers and spending if you’re doing it to people who totally reject the whole basis on which British society functions.

Here are the ‘Top Eight’ – the eight British cities and towns which currently have the highest percentage of the population that are M*sl*m. I have also included estimates of the percentage of their populations that will be M*sl*m by 2030:

muslims by city

(But as ‘white flight’ increases, I expect many of Britain’s towns and cities will become majority M*sl*m long before 2030)


Let’s take Birmingham. Currently about 26.9% of the city’s population are M*sl*m and we already have the Trojan Horse take-over of many Birmingham schools by hardline, UK-hating *sl*mists. That was briefly halted when it was exposed by the press. But now the supposedly ‘banned’ hardline teachers have crawled back into their jobs and the *sl*mification of Birmingham’s schools marches gloriously on.

What’s going to happen when over 50% of Birmingham’s population are M*sl*m by 2030 or earlier? We’re going to have a much larger version of London’s Tower Hamlets – a total M*sl*m takeover, voting fraud, intimidation of people to vote for those approved by local religious leaders, widespread corruption – a mini-Bangladeshi hellhole in Britain. But Birmingham will be worse than Tower Hamlets. Why? Because the Bangladeshis may have brought us Third World poverty, idleness and corruption, but they tend not to be religious fanatics. The mainly Pakistani M*sl*ms that will take over Birmingham and other Midlands and Northern cities and towns will add religious fanaticism and intolerance to their Third World idleness and corruption.

Qu’meron’s policy of devolving power and spending in a country that is increasingly divided both ethnically and religiously is truly taking us down the road to disaster.

Am I really the only person who can see this?

Meanwhile, here’s a link posted by a reader yesterday about how the German authorities are going about imposing ethnic diversity of their reluctant towns and cities. It’s truly frightening how democracy is being trampled on by our rulers in the name of political correctness and ethnic diversity. This will be coming soon to a street near you. Enjoy this glimpse into Britain’s future: 

2 comments to How Qu’meron is stupidly creating Britain’s mini caliphates

  • MGJ

    We are so indoctrinated in the idea that democracy is fundamentally ethical and automatically confers legitimacy that it is hard to persuade people otherwise. In principle Democracy allows 51% to murder the remaining 49%; in reality we see in parts of Africa that this isn’t too far from the reality. I fear the penny will drop only after some extremely unpleasant things have happened.

    On a completely different topic, I see on the BBC that we have moved one step closer to a Socialist Utopia now that the government decides who you can include in your will. So nice of them to save us the bother.

  • david brown

    I live in Croatia before it was part of Yugoslavia which like Iraq, Libya and Syria was a multi-ethnic construct held together by a strongman.
    Enoch Powell predicted that mass immigration would result in civil war you can find clips on youtube.
    Will it happen in England or France first?

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