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Too few homes? Or too many people?

We’re constantly hearing the professional hand-wringers and the politically-correct at the BBC bleating on about the ‘housing shortage’ and the ‘housing crisis’.

But is there really a ‘housing crisis’?

The number of homes in England increased from 21,409,000 in 2003 to 23,309,000 in 2014 – a rise of 1,900,000 in 11 years – a quite respectable 172,727 new homes a year (first two bars on the chart)

number of homes in England

The number of owner-occupied homes declined very slightly from 14,752,000 in 2003 to 14,709,000 by 2014 – a drop of 0.3% in 11 years. So, no crisis there. Meanwhile the number of buy-to-lets shot up from 2,549,000 in 2003 to 4,588,000 by 2014 – a massive 80% rise. So, no housing crisis there either.

The bleaters have often claimed that the Tories’ ‘right to buy’ scheme has decimated the number of social housing homes available. But the total number of social housing homes only fell from 4,108,000 in 2003 to 4,012,000 by 2014 – a drop of a tiny 2.3% in 11 years. Hardly very dramatic. There certainly has been a large fall in council housing from 2,457,000 in 2003 to 1,669,000 by 2014. However, there has been a large rise in housing association homes from 1,651,000 in 2003 to 2,343,000 by 2014. What seems to have happened is that a lot of housing has been transferred from councils to housing associations. So, no crisis there.

Moreover, the population of ethnic British has been steadily declining with average ethnic British female having just 1.6 children when the ‘population replacement rate’ is 2.1 children per female.

There we have it. An increasing number of homes and a declining population. So, how can we have a ‘housing crisis’?

Well, while screaming about the supposed ‘housing crisis’, the politically correct carefully avoid mentioning the two main causes of the ‘housing crisis’ – uncontrolled immigration and high birth rates amongst the followers of the glorious Religion of Peace.

If we had control of our borders, then we could have easily coped with around say 156,000 immigrants a year and there wouldn’t have been any ‘housing crisis’. But due to the EU deciding who comes to Britain and due to our rulers’ attempts to destroy any sense of British identity, our country has been flooded with around 400,000 immigrants a year since New Labour set out to ruin the country in 1997. Uncontrolled immigration is one cause of the ‘housing crisis’.

Then we have birth rates. While the average ethnic British woman has 1.6 children, for Pakistanis the figure is 4.7 children per female and for Bangladeshis it’s 3.9 children per female. Between 2003 and 2014, the M*sl*m population of Britain shot up by a frightening 76% from about 1.7 million to over 3 million – an increase of 118,000 per year. Part of this massive increase will have come from immigration and part from high birth rates.

When bleating about the ‘housing crisis’ the professional hand-wringers love to blame the Government (for not building sufficient social housing), developers (for hoarding land and not building enough ‘affordable homes’), Nimbies (for blocking ugly new housing schemes with rabbit hutch houses and flats), the planning system and anyone else they can think of. But they never ever mention the real causes of the ‘housing crisis’ – uncontrolled immigration and high birth rates amongst M*sl*ms.

But when have our self-appointed, self-righteous, self-serving opinion leaders ever told us the truth? They’re only interested in ramming their own ‘progressive’ ideas down our throats and labelling anyone who dares question their wisdom a ‘bigot’ and a ‘waaaccciiissssttttt’.

6 comments to Too few homes? Or too many people?

  • david brown

    Of course you are right. Few migrants head for the Highlands. If you subtract Scotland from the equation England has more people per square mile than any EU state and India and China.
    As the migrant hordes descend on the green fields of England. So we are now being asked to concrete over the English countryside to destroy our country not only demographically but physically.
    This population increase adds to our food and energy import bills. However the crypto communist green party are in favor of mass immigration.

  • Stuz Graz

    The limited opportunities for debate before the election showed every party except UKIP united in their groupthink on the housing shortage not being anything to do with immigration. In fact Farage almost got booed off the stage for suggesting it by the BBC lynch mob led by Sturgeon and, as already commented, ironically the greens.

    Its the same with wages and pensions. You come across endless young people who complain about low wages and how will they ever afford a house. But at the same time refuse to believe it is anything to do with immigration.

  • MGJ

    I agree but of course nothing will ever persuade a ‘progressive’ so don’t expect anything to change.

    Most of us have a few cherished beliefs we’d rather not have challenged. Maybe we support the ‘best’ football team, have the best wife or child etc. but we generally understand that they do not have the status of facts.

    Not so the progressive. If the facts don’t accord with their views then the facts must change! Combine this with a rabid hatred of anyone daring to question their views and we get an entrenched dogma which we once associated with countries we definitely would not have wished to copy.

  • Peter

    It’s not difficult folks. The government engineered this rise in house prices and the explosion of BTL and the government can reverse it. Start putting up interest rates pronto – especially for people with more than one house. i.e. tax the proverbial out of people with more than one property – whether that be for buy to let or for a lovely little place in Cornwall which locks out the locals from buying in their own back yard. Next: stop foreigners laundering their ill gotten gains through the London property market and doing buy to leave or buy to let. And get a handle on uncontrolled immigration – everyone who comes, whether an economic migrant or as a refugee needs a place to live – just like those who were born here do. Youngsters Leaving university already up to their ears in debt, condemned to a life of permanent, insecure renting, social security safety net being shredded for younger people…
    I’m amazed that young people aren’t rioting in the streets over the shabby way they’ve been treated!

  • right_writes

    Did you read the stuff in Breitbart about Dresden David?

    The home town of Pegida has been treated to having a public park closed to locals and furnished with a large number of tents to house our friends from Africa/MiddleEast.

    No notice given, action taken in early morning and then patrolled by the police(y) men…

  • right_writes


    I have got a better idea… Perhaps we should export our government to Bangladesh, Eritrea or some other hellhole, since they are so fond of the folk that come from such places.

    Then we can keep our pensions.

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