April 2024

When our enemies tell us what they’re going to do – we should listen!

Here our enemies tell us how they are going to defeat us by using the three Bs – bullets, bombs and babies.

You may think these guys are frothing madmen. But I think they’re serious and there are an awful lot of them.

So we should listen to what they say and understand the threat that *sl*m poses to civilisation.

This is our future. Enjoy!

4 comments to When our enemies tell us what they’re going to do – we should listen!

  • John Fields

    Mr. Craig, I have just watched the video. It has put me off my lunch. We have two ways
    to go. We start the war now. Deportation for the smallest offense.
    Withdrawal of passports at every opportunity. No more muslims allowed into our
    England. The alternative is we all start to convert to Islam. These people are the
    greatest threat to emerge in the 21st century.

  • david brown

    MR FIELDS just to cheer you up in no specific order. The threats to us in the 21st Century.

    Liberal decadence which has opened Europe up to mass Alien immigration notably Muslim and the US to open borders with Mexico.

    An uncontainable Greek style default toppling the entire globalised financial system.

    Dangerous alliances between major powers such as expansionist China.

    Have a nice day

  • brian ferrier

    The fact is as the video shows our police and security services are more interested in looking after this bunch of mongrel dogs than protecting us Christian British who still try to maintain the values of our fathers.

    We have been lied to and shafted by the wank fest BBC, EU Stalinist, Guardian leaning, left wing , teach the world to sing, multicultural quisling bastards who are taxing our race into oblivion to subsidise murdering, evil, stone age, work shy Muslim breeding programmes here and around the world and who simply don’t give a shit about us and our kind.

    My city is noticeably filling up with these people more and more every day and the Burka and Nijab are becoming more and more evident on the streets as is the gay pyjama Afghan dress of the ignorant unwashed males who sport huge beards and are happy, when in a group to block the pavement and stare menacingly at you as you try to walk past. They make no pretence of looking for work, fill our schools with their spawn and cause me great confusion as I can see no reason why any UK government would have let this lot into our country under any circumstances. But then again, that’s just me !

  • OLDIE 3

    I’ve always been a voice of moderation. I stumbled across your blog by accident when it was suggested to me that the unemployment statistics among Somali immigrants was at what I would call unbelievably high levels and I just made a Google search to find out if it was true. This video has shaken me to the core. So many men preaching so much hatred and awful intent. And they all shout and bluster like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. I can only pray that Allah is not be willing to answer the prayers of those who want to subjugate us all, and that another prophet will rise to bring them enlightenment.

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