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Who has killed the most people? Hitler or Greenpeace?

The title probably looks like a stupid question. So let me explain:

Around 50 million people were killed in World War 2 thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of our German and Japanese friends. Most, of course, were killed by the Germans. So we should probably be grateful that now the Germans are using monetary, rather than military, force to create their new Fourth Reich – a European superstate run mainly by Germany with France as Germany’s lapdog and all the other countries willingly allowing their sovereignty to be handed over to their German overlords.

Now for Greenpeace. We can thank Greenpeace and other environmental groups for at least two massively stupid campaigns that no doubt gave the self-righteous Greenpeace fools enormous self-satisfaction while causing misery and death in the Third World.

Stupidity 1 – Banning DDT

There are between 300 million and 500 million cases of malaria each year. Of these cases, around 800,000 people die annually, about 600,000 of these are children under five years old. DDT was shown to be effective in hugely reducing malaria cases and deaths. In a typical study, in the 20 years up to 1955 in Sri Lanka there were 75,000 cases of malaria each year and 4,000 deaths.


After widespread use of DDT, the  number of cases had dropped to 17 with only a couple of deaths. Similar results were reported by many other countries.

However, in spite of the World Health Organisation strongly supporting controlled use of DDT to reduce malaria, environmentalists like Greenpeace campaigned aggressively for the banning of DDT claiming correctly that over-use damaged birds and fishes and claiming incorrectly that DDT was carcinogenic.

So, in the 30 or so years that DDT has been phased out, perhaps 24 million people have died from malaria. Had DDT still been permitted, this death toll might have been less than one million.

Also, please note that due to Greenpeace’s Stupidity Number 2 many of the people, who supposedly could have been affected by cancer because of DDT use, don’t live long enough to die from cancer.

So, let’s assume that the banning of DDT has caused at least 20 million unnecessary deaths.

Stupidity 2 – Preventing the use of GM crops

Malnutrition leads to around 3.1 million deaths each year. One of the ways of reducing malnutrition is to develop crops that are more drought- and disease-resistant. Other ways of reducing malnutrition would include a birth control programme in Africa so that Africa’s population doesn’t double every 20 years causing constant wars as ever more people fight over limited resources.

Had Greenpeace and other Greenies not opposed GM (genetically modified) crops, then new strains of rice, corn and other foods could have been introduced


We’ve no way of knowing how many lives would have been saved through use of GM crops. But if we assume that one million of the 3.1 million deaths annually from malnutrition could have been avoided every year for the last 30 years, then that’s another 30 million people killed by the Greenies.

Conclusion – Hitler or Greenpeace?

So, it’s a pretty close run thing. It seems that both Hitler and the Greenpeace Greenies are responsible for about 50 million deaths each.

But Hitler is now dead and so can’t go on killing people. The Greenies on the other hand will continue killing people with their fatuous but effective attempts to fight the fantasy of man-made global warming (or climate change or whatever it’s called this week), inflicting unnecessary taxes on people in rich countries and causing misery in the Third World by such idiocies as diverting  much needed crops into making biofuels.

All in all, the Greenpeace Greenies will probably be responsible for more deaths than Hitler and the Nazis. That’s quite an achievement and something the Greenies are no doubt proud of.

2 comments to Who has killed the most people? Hitler or Greenpeace?

  • NoMore

    It’s not a nice thing to think or say but, in the seemingly total absence of birth control in that blighted continent, disease is at least doing a small job at keeping the numbers down before the whole of Africa sinks under the weight of human biomass before it can get to Calais.

  • mike mines

    Killing humans is good for the little bunny wunnies…

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