February 2023
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Dear Ms May

I came across this on the Internet. It’s a letter that was sent to our wonderful Home Secretary Theresa “*sl*m is a religion of peace” May. The letter says what most people in Britain think but are afraid to say. I believe that Ms May hasn’t yet found time to reply:

Dear Ms May

I am writing to you as a British Citizen.

I am watching with steadily mounting incredulity as you, David Cameron and all other Western Leaders, with the support of mainstream media such as the BBC, attempt to maintain the fiction of *sl*m as the Religion of Peace.

No other religion has to constantly protest that it is actually peaceful. No other religion is constantly ‘offended’. No other religion is incapable of living alongside other faiths. No other religion punishes apostates and ‘blasphemers’ with death. No other religion mandates the amputation of young girls’ clitorises. No other religion was founded by a paedophile, a rapist, a liar, warmonger, sex maniac and psychopath. No other religion has mounted over 26,000 terrorist attacks since 2001.

You have banned Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer (critics of *sl*mic violence) from visiting the UK, while allowing free rein to hordes of hate preachers from places like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. While these hate preachers actively encourage violence against non-M*sl*ms, especially Jews, Spencer and Geller have never espoused violence; they simply publicise truths about *sl*mic jihad and show how *sl*mic violence is related to *sl*mic scriptures and the life of M*h*mmed.

You insult the intelligence of the people of the UK with your respect for *sl*m as a legitimate and peaceful religion rather than the death cult that it is. Just as opinion polls show widespread support for *sl*mic State amongst Western M*sl*ms, polls similarly show widespread distrust and loathing for *sl*m amongst the general population. What, may I ask, are the substantive differences between the values and legal systems of *sl*mic State and our ‘allies’ Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen and Iran? Your continued support for *sl*m and sharia is causing a high proportion of the electorate to regard you as nothing less than a traitor.

Please bear in mind that you did not win the recent general election because people love you. You won it because your opponents were certifiably insane Marxists and you were the least bad electable option.

I find it difficult to believe that you support and respect *sl*m because you are stupid. Other reasons people have proposed are that you:
– are terrified of the repercussions of stating the truth about *sl*m when the UK has over 3 million M*sl*ms and is completely dependent on Arab oil and investment
– have been bought and paid for by M*sl*m interests
– are stuck in the failed multicultural paradigm because of groupthink, knowledge filtering (not listening to anyone with an opposing point of view) and are incapable of independent thought, which might cause you to lose your lofty position.

Which is it? I suspect a combination of all three.

I fear that your continued leadership failure on this matter will cause the loss of many more lives, for which you will be personally responsible.

I have spent the last year travelling in M*sl*m countries, researching *sl*mic terrorism and writing a thesis on how to defeat the *sl*mic State (something on which I see no coherent strategy whatsoever from Western powers). I would be delighted to advise on policy regarding this issue.


And here’s a video from Qatar’s Al Jazeera explaining why it would be much beter to live in such earthly paradises as Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan rather than awful America:

5 comments to Dear Ms May

  • NoMore

    Excellent letter – hope a frisson of self-doubt passes across her if she ever reads it (it won’t be much more unfortunately).

  • natmandoo

    Word up.

    This will of course be ignored due to the lack of fortitude or gumption, whatever – these politicians nowadays are slave to their party and it’s ideology and the (c)onservatives are now anything but Conservative.
    They adhere to the mantra that immigration is good, nationalism is bad, they are now slave to the global warming fantasy and the EU empire and no longer answerable to the voters who actually put them in a position of power.
    Our questions are unanswered or misinterpreted and ‘spun’ to mean something completely different – the language of politics is incompatible with the Queen’s own English language, they hear only what they want to hear.
    Islam is the religion of Peace because they say it is and that’s all that matters!
    Yet those of us mere mortals judge on our own perceptions of the world, we judge on what we see and hear and in doing this we know Islam is in fact anything bu peaceful, it is the religion of pain and suffering.
    The only way to get these idiots in charge to take notice is to act more than disgruntled voters emailing every so often, we need to gather ourselves in huge numbers and march down to the Westminster ‘bubble’ and burst it!

  • MGJ

    Natmandoo makes some good points. It is very hard to argue against a fantasy, particularly one that is constantly reiterated by government and the media. Even harder when you are instantly dismissed as being, by implication, mentally ill for daring to disagree.

    As for the frequently heard “…but BRITISH M*sl*ms aren’t like that”, we already know from pollsters that many people won’t admit to voting Conservative so it is hardly a surprise that admitting support for the horrors required by *sl*m presents a few difficulties.

    This doesn’t prove they ARE all raving maniacs, but it is absurd to claim that the religion’s core beliefs are rejected by a majority of its adherents without proper evidence. A one-million-M*sl*m march through London protesting the misrepresentation of their creed, would be rather more convincing.

  • brian ferrier

    I am watching my TV and seeing all those of the great and good singing at church services to commemorate British victims of Muslim slaughter from ten years ago and more recently those killed at “Slaughter by the Sea” at Tunisia.

    And then I pick up the paper and read about an Imam who encouraged the crazed gunman, living in London, with the wife and five kids getting £50,000.00 a year in benefits as he grins from the window of the £1 million house he rents with his dole money. Our government has been trying to boot this lump of shit out of the country for fifteen years !

    Meanwhile, we have the threat of food shortages and a traffic jam forty miles long because 150 blacks are running about Calais while French police hand out tea and buns and striking French ferry workers waft the smoke from burning tyres down the channel tunnel.

    Our EU partners and NATO members the Spaniards, commit ten provocative infringements of our territory at Gibraltar every day, and ex Stasi Eastern Communist Merkel thinks we should bail out her German banks because a bunch of lazy Greek trailer trash don’t want to pay their taxes.

    All this is the fault of our Government or lack of it. A collection of spineless quisling dick heads who’s only interest is in fact their SNOUTS IN THE TROUGH.

  • brian ferrier

    Sorry but here I am again today.

    we are watching TV and looking at the profiles of all these wonderful people who were murdered, little sisters tearfully telling us in squeaky voices that their big brother was the most wonderful person in the world and shit like that.

    Well I have got news for you, your government have done fuck all in the last ten years to stop this happening again, in fact, 400,000 white Brits have said “stuff this” and left this island every year for ten years while 600,000 scum of the earth have been invited in to replace them.

    tomorrow when you drive to work, play a game of “Spot the foreigner” and you might just see what I mean.

    Muslims are wandering about wearing ISIS flags in London carrying infant children waving ISIS flags while the police say they are doing nothing wrong.

    The BBC announce in some hushed , respectful tones that some illegal African got found dead in the channel tunnel, as if this is a tragedy. It’s not !

    One less benefits seeking Muslim paedophile, clit cutting, child molesting rapist, potentially aids carrying economic migrant, stone age parasite to worry about !

    You stupid white British idiots who lost your loved ones in terrorist acts only make the situation worse by snivelling about your loss.

    You should be marching on parliament and burning it and the traitors who have caused this and betrayed you, and your loved ones, to the ground.

    All these murders are presented to us as though it was a tragedy.

    It is not a tragedy. A tragedy is when something bad happens like an earthquake, that could not be avoided.

    Terrorism in the UK and elsewhere is not a tragedy, it is a symptom of gutless scum politicians closing their eyes, handing our money to bastards who hate us, and sucking Muslim and African and Romanian and Bulgarian rapist’s dicks to get votes.

    This bullshit could be sorted out in days, not weeks , if we had a PM with a pair of balls and if the gutless British public, what’s left of it , would only stand up and shout “I am not taking this crap anymore !”

    No chance of that happening anytime soon.

    Anyone who did not vote UKIP, I hope you or your nearest and dearest become the next victim of all these scum who ” make a wonderful contribution to diversity and our economy” and who David Cameron “can’t wait” to see replace him as PM.

    You get what you deserve and you are now part of the problem.

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