February 2023
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EU fury as democracy appears in Greece

Our EU-rulers don’t like democracy. Democracy – what we ordinary people want – can get in the way of our EU-rulers’ grand project of wiping out national borders and identities to turn Europe into a single, socialist Superstate dominated by Germany and run by an unelected elite of komissars. A mixture between a EUSSR and a Fourth Reich


In 2001, only the Irish were allowed to vote on the Treaty of Nice. The Irish ‘stupidly’ voted the wrong way and so were given another chance to vote in 2002. This time they got the ‘right’ answer.

Then in 2005 came the big one. The 160,000-word EU Constitution (in comparison the constitution of the USA – perhaps the most successful country in history – is only 4,600 words). When the Dutch and French voted against their Constitution, our EU-rulers were not impressed. Jean Claude Juncker, who was then Luxembourg’s PM explained “if it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’: and if it’s a No we will say ‘we continue'”. And the man responsible for the Constitution – former French President Giscard D’Estaing showed his contempt for democracy “The rejection of the Constitution was a mistake which will have to be corrected. It was a mistake to use the referendum process, but when you make a mistake you can correct it”.

Sure enough, the Constitution was hastily rewritten, rechristened as the Lisbon Treaty and approved by all EU countries without any attempt to check that their people really wanted to hand over their countries to central German control

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This weekend, our EU-rulers reacted with undisguised fury at Greek PM Tsipras’s decision to hold a referendum on the terms of the bailout of Greece.

As the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers held a crunch meeting in Brussels, their Dutch leader Jeroen Dijsselbloem said he was “very negatively surprised” by the Greek referendum decision. “That is a sad decision for Greece because it has closed the door for further talks where the door was still open in my mind,” Dijsselbloem said. Germany’s hardline pro-austerity finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble fumed the Greek government had “ended the negotiations unilaterally.”

I know many people will believe that the Greeks should repay all the money they have borrowed and then wasted or allowed to be stolen by the ruling elites. But the whole Greece situation has been a massive fraud for at least 15 years. Our EU-rulers have been fully aware for years that Greece has been bankrupt and was only able to get into the euro by fiddling its finances. Moreover, the French and German banks that loaned most of the money to Greece knew the country would never be able to pay it back and assumed (correctly) EU taxpayers would bail them out when the ‘s’ hit the ‘f’.

As for the last Greek bailout. Over 90% of the money never went anywhere near Greece. It went straight into the German and French banks that would have been destroyed if Greece had reneged on its debts. Moreover, Greece’s debts were passed from banks onto Eurozone taxpayers.

Greece owes €322bn. That’s over €80,000 for each Greek in work. If the Greeks are paying just 2% interest on their debt, that’s about €6.5bn a year – €2,200 a year for every working Greek.

The country is bankrupt and can only survive with some form of debt forgiveness as the IMF have been saying all along. But our EU-rulers are afraid to give any debt forgiveness as their taxpayers might suddenly realise how much money they’re about to lose due to the bungling of their empire-building politicians. Moreover, if the Greeks succeeded in their rebellion against their EU-rulers, that would give a huge boost to anti-EU parties in other economically-savaged Club Med countries.

I have huge respect for Greek PM Tsipras. He was elected on his promises that he would fight to get a better deal for Greece and prevent the economic asphyxiation of his country. Part of that deal included some form of debt write-off. When he failed to get a deal that would allow the Greek economy to return to growth, rather than clinging to power by doing a Dodgy Dave Cameron-style U-turn on his ‘cast-iron promises’, Tsipras has gone back to the Greek people and asked them to vote of the deal proposed by his EU-masters.

Democracy has suddenly appeared in Greece and our EU-rulers don’t like it one bit. We can expect some brutal EU attacks on the Greeks and the Greek banking system in the week leading up to the referendum as our EU-rulers try to terrify the Greeks into submission.

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  • NoMore

    I might not agree with his politics but Tsipras being a conviction politician has run rings round the self-regarding fools in the EU. Is there any money left in Greece that is not already under a mattress? An interesting week beckons!

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