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Hatred is an unruly child

I wonder if we should feel a bit sorry for Hezbollah and Hamas and the Saudis and the Syrians and the Iraqis and all the other members of the disaster that is the Arab world?

In the seventy years since the catastrophe of World War II, we in the West and many countries in the Far East have tried to develop and create better lives for our people by teaching each new generation things like science, technology, history, literature and the arts:


However, our good friends in the Arab world have taken a different path. They’ve concentrated on teaching generations of their young only hatred, intolerance, violence and prejudice:

pal child 4

While developed countries have prized knowledge and progress, Arab countries have promoted ignorance and backwardness.

Arab leaders believed that they could keep their grip on power and wealth, while keeping their people in grinding filth and poverty, by channeling their people’s ignorance and hate against their supposed enemies – Israel, America (the Great Satan) and the developed West. For decades this strategy worked as Arabs were too stupid and ignorant to realise that their real enemies were their own greedy, corrupt, oppressive and incompetent rulers.

But now, with the rise of ISIL, this strategy has backfired because hatred, ignorance, intolerance and violence are unruly children. They don’t always do what you want. And now, with ISIL, these children have turned on their parents.

While the West and the Far East develop in spite of occasional recessions and create reasonable living conditions for their citizens, the Arab world is going backwards descending into chaos, brutality, destruction and internecine war. Lebanon, once a haven of stability with Christians and M*sl*ms living in peace with each other, has become an *sl*mic hell-hole, with all its Christians either dead or emigrated. Egypt fell into the clutches of *sl*mic madmen (the M*sl*m Brotherhood) and only managed to escape due to a military coup. But Egypt’s problems with M*sl*m fanatics are far from over.

ISIL have taken over large areas of Syria and Iraq. The Saudis, for decades eager funders of fundamentalist *sl*mic terror groups attacking Israel and the West, are under attack from Shiite tribes from the Yemen.

And now we learn that ISIL are starting to fight Hamas in Gaza. One news agency recently reported “Still recovering from a devastating war with Israel last summer, Gaza’s Hamas rulers now find themselves confronting a new internal threat: jihadi militants who support the Islamic State group and appear intent on provoking Israel in order to pressure and embarrass Hamas. Hamas accuses them of being behind a series of mysterious explosions aimed at Hamas security posts, as well as recent rocket launches that have drawn Israeli reprisals and threats of tougher military action”.

Moreover, the hell-hole that is the Arab world is going to get a lot worse before it gets better – if it ever does:

ISIL brutality

The problem is that if you only teach hatred, there will always be someone who hates even more than you and they will end up hating you.

Now the whole world is reaping what Arab leaders have sowed – hatred, ignorance, intolerance and violence are unruly children.

2 comments to Hatred is an unruly child

  • Peter

    Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society

    “Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings”

  • John Fields

    More reasons why we should keep well away from the Middle East. If hatred is part of
    their daily diet, then let them wipe each other out. Of course our problem is we have
    leaders who think it is right to interfere, which, has history shows causes a situation to

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