February 2019
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Let us savour arrogant Ed Milistone’s utter humiliation

I’d love to have heard the phone conversation between David and Ed MiliBrand after Labour’s crushing defeat:

Tring tring

Ed: Hello

David: Hi Ed

Ed: Yah, hi David

David: Ed, I’m just ha-ha-ha-ha- calling to say ha-ha-ha-ha how terribly sorry ha-ha-ha-ha how sorry ha-ha-ha-ha how really sorry I really am about your ha-ha-ha-ha election results ha-ha-ha-ha etc etc

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the crushing of Ed Milistone’s farcical dream of becoming the British Prime Minister. After all, as Dodgy Dave grovels to Adolf Merkel and her squadron of Junckers, we’ll have much to cry about in the months and years to come (click on pictures to see more clearly) (apologies for my lack of originality to readers who have already seen these)

edstone 1

edstone 2

edstone 3

edstone 4

And now that Clegg is toast, what on earth am I going to do with all my copies of my book – GREED UNLIMITED:How Cameron and Clegg Protect the Elites While Squeezing the rest of Us

1 comment to Let us savour arrogant Ed Milistone’s utter humiliation

  • mike mines

    Better yet, I would love to be listening to Eds brothers ‘phone calls. The Bairites are back, rejoice, rejoice…

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