October 2020
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Britain pulls back from the brink of total disaster

I’m no fan of PR man Podgy Dodgy David Cameron. Hence my book GREED UNLIMITED How Cameron and Clegg Protect the Elites While Squeezing the Rest of Us

But the alternative to recidivist liar Cameron was truly too awful to contemplate. Red Len McCluskey’s wet dream would have been Britain’s worst nightmare:

Miliband and Mccluskey

Yesterday Britain truly pulled back from the brink of total disaster.

The person we should probably thank most is the lovely Nicola Sturgeon. The thought of this ghastly, strident Scottish Harpy controlling Ed Miliband and the country seems to have been more than many English voters could take:

sturgeon boot Cameron

Hence, I believe, the late Tory surge.

Amongst the other pleasures of the night were sublime moments like seeing the utterly useless Ed ‘Windmill’ Davey and David ‘Liar and Crook’ Laws leaving Westminster to find new jobs. What joy!

davey and laws

But it’s not over yet…….. Maybe there are more delights to come? I’m off to see if the financially-incontinent, economically-illiterate Gordon-Brown-thinkalike Ed Balls also loses his seat. Yup, he’s gone. Aaahhhh how wonderful not to have to see his fat, stupid face for the next 5 years.

In the meantime, Dodgy Dave can celebrate his great vic-tory:

cameron wins 2015

Though I do feel a little sorry for the LibDems. When they went into coalition, of course they wanted all the pay, perks and privileges of power. But they also did the right thing for our country. It was rather immature of voters to give them such a hammering.

3 comments to Britain pulls back from the brink of total disaster

  • NoMore

    UKIP didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but took a good number of votes from Labour in the North. It’s a start. Some kippers will have played safe and voted Tory to keep the Red Peril at bay so the UKIP percentage of the vote is lower than predicted. I hope Farage squeezes through in Thanet South.

    It would be most satisfying to see So What Balls get his overdue P45 yes!

  • mike mines

    Thank the lord the ‘Money free at the point of access’ party has been trounced.
    Things I will remember, Emily at the BBC with a tall vertical purple bar on the display behind her. They don’t like up ’em Captain.

  • John Fields

    I am very sorry that Nigel Farage did not become an M .P. He would really have put some
    fire in the Commons. This election has been a disaster. Adolf Merkel and Brussels
    will give Mr Cameron a few little tasty morsels, and lo and behold there goes our
    bloody referendum. Having said that, I think that this election points to Yes vote for
    staying in the E.U. And there is your disaster.

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