March 2023
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Human traffickers crack open the champagne at our stupidity

Boy oh boy, this is turning out to be a great week for Africa’s people traffickers. And it’s still only Wednesday.

We’ve now been told that our government is going to borrow more money to send a British ship and helicopters to rescue African migrants being sent by people-smugglers across the Med. Our HMS Bulwark – a 19,000-tonne amphibious ship – will work in tandem with three Merlin helicopters, operating out of a naval air station in Sigonella, Sicily to provide a wide-ranging search-and-rescue capability.

How Africa’s human traffickers must be celebrating. Previously they had to cram their cargoes of migrants into boats that looked like they might possibly be able to cross to Europe. But now the smugglers just need to get their human cargoes a few miles offshore and British and other rescuers will helpfully pick the migrants up and take them to Europe.

This brilliant decision will make the people-smugglers’ job much easier and will hugely increase the number of migrants they can send to Europe.

Why don’t we just build a bridge across the Straits of Gibraltar and hand a British passport and National Insurance number to every African that wants to cross?

Meanwhile, Australia has avoided being swamped by migrants under Operation Sovereign Borders, whereby their military intercepts the people-smugglers’ boats and takes them to offshore islands where the illegal immigrants are processed and most are then sent home.

It makes you want to weep comparing Australia’s decisiveness with our cowardice.

Help us! Help us!

As for the wonderful people we’re transporting completely free of charge across the Med, they make a great job of portraying themselves as victims:

save us

But most are actually economic migrants trying to escape the poverty and hopelessness caused by their own incompetent, corrupt, kleptocratic rulers.

We hate you! We want to kill you!

Yet as soon as they get here and receive their benefits plus free housing, free healthcare, free schooling for their children, free everything, do they thank us? Do they show any gratitude? No exactly. In fact, they try to turn our cities into Third World slums and try to impose their primitive death cult masquerading as a religion on us.

So, here’s a message to all those who gave their lives protecting Britain in two world wars: “you wasted you lives for nothing. Britain is being turned into an *sl*mic hell-hole ruled by Germany”

I liked a comment made by a reader a couple of weeks ago – “if you allowed all Africans to come to Europe and took all of Europe’s population to Africa, within 20 years Europe would be an impoverished, excrement-covered, corrupt cesspit and Africa would be a thriving, economic success story”.

(Just a little story that might have slipped by unnoticed by most people. On Monday this week, EU president Jean Claude Juncker held a meeting with Greece’s former prime minister Antonis Samaras. I’m sure Mr Juncker is a busy man, so it’s interesting that he had time to meet up with an ex-leader. I wonder what they talked about. Reminiscing over old times? Or getting ready for the EU to force Greece into bankruptcy to destroy the Left-wing elected Syriza government and replace it with an obedient administration led by Samaras because the EU is terrified that, if Syriza were to succeed in rescuing Greece from economic collapse, then that would give a huge boost to anti-EU parties in Italy, Portugal and Spain?)

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  • david brown

    is this working?

  • david brown

    The Daily Mail 05/05 is instructing us to vote against UKIP.
    So called Conservative MP Anna Soubry only has a 389 majority.
    Maybe people her could go on Facebook and other social media and let her voters know that she backs mass immigration and is on record at sneering at those who are concerned about the demographic destruction of England.

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