May 2024

The nightmare election result that nobody seems to have noticed

So, Labour have published their election manifesto. And a fine load of promises it is. It’s remarkable that such a document could come from the same people who ruined our country through deliberate mass (particularly *sl*mic) immigration and who bankrupted Britain during 10 years of financial incontinence, spending more every year between 2000 to 2010 than the Labour government took in taxes.

And as supposed journalists pore over Labour’s manifesto there has been much heat and noise over Miliband’s and Balls’s almost miraculous Damascene conversion to fiscal responsibility – unbankrupting Britain by cutting the deficit. Though, of course, Labour’s promises are worthless as they’ve started playing the games with “current” vs “investment” spending (but more on that at another time)

But the real threat to our country appears to have slipped below the radar almost unnoticed by the usual commentators. Labour’s election manifesto is 86 pages long. And on pages 63 and 69, there’s one short phrase that could mean catastrophe for Britain – We will give 16 and 17-year-olds the vote by May 2016.

Labour manifesto

Just imagine that Miliband manages to crawl into Downing Street leading a minority government temporarily supported by the SNP and possibly a few LibDem survivors. One of the new government’s first actions will be – We will give 16 and 17-year-olds the vote by May 2016.

At any time after that, Miliband could claim he needs a stronger mandate to put Labour’s policies into action and call a general election. Of course, 16 and 17-year-olds tend to be more idealistic than older voters. There’s nothing wrong with that. But running a bankrupt country in an increasingly dangerous world on the brink of a Third World War between civilisation and *sl*m requires gritty realism not naive idealism. Younger people will be pro-EU, for immigration, aggressively politically-correct, supportive of higher taxes and a larger public sector and they will put less value on Britain’s independence and traditions – in short, they will overwhelmingly vote Labour, LibDem and for the Greens.

The Tories will be decimated and UKIP will be wiped off the electoral map.

I predicted this months ago. And now it’s there in black and white on pages 63 and 69 of Labour’s manifesto.

It’s brilliant. It’s genius. How they must be laughing at Labour campaign HQ. Giving the vote to 16 and 17-year-olds will guarantee keeping Labour in government for decades. Ed Miliband may be quite an old man by the time he hands power over to yet another Labour leader when he eventually decides to leave Downing Street to write his memoirs of being Britain’s longest-serving Prime Minister.

This is the real nightmare scenario that should keep us all awake at night. Yet it seems to have almost slipped through unnoticed.

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