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The Emwazis – a thoroughly modern, multi-cultural British family?

We all know that open-door immigration has been good for Britain. After all, that’s what our rulers, the BBC, Channel 4 and all the other politically correct opinion-formers have been telling us for years. So, it must be true. And, of course, anyone who expressed any concerns about the seven million people who have flooded into Britain over the last 15 years and the effects all these people are having on housing, schools, the NHS and policing is immediately branded a bigot and a waaccciiissssttt.

So, let’s look at the Emwazi family. It’s slightly difficult to find out the truth about the Emwazis as the Guardian and the Independent paint a rather different picture to papers like the Telegraph and the Times. But here are a few things we probably do know.

Jasem Emwazi fled to Britain with his family in 1994 and successfully claimed political asylum because he was supposedly being persecuted in Kuwait. Since then, he and his family appear to have visited Kuwait many times and he is reportedly living there now and may even be working there for a supermarket. Slightly odd, that Jasem and his brood should apparently enjoy returning to country that had ‘persecuted’ them so badly that they had to flee to Britain?

It has been widely reported that Jasem Emwazi, his wife and their 6 adorable children have been claiming benefits for all the 20 years they have been living in Britain and may have cost us £400,000. Then we have 6 children who have been educated here at a cost to us of at least £50,000 a child. That’s another £300,000. Plus there’s all the NHS care. So, the Emwazis have cost us probably well over £1 million.

The Emwazis seem to have expensive tastes as they apparently lived in a flat (paid for by us, of course) in one of the more fashionable areas of London conveniently close to Regents Park and the  Regents Park Mosque. I wish I could afford to live there. But I can’t as I’m not a credit to British society like the wonderful Emwazis.

One landlord said Mohammed Emwazi’s family were ‘parasites’ and ‘tenants from hell’. They are still believed to be pocketing £40,000 a year in handouts.

Although Jasem Emwazi is back in his native Kuwait – the country he claimed he fled fearing for his life – Westminster City Council is still paying the rent on the family’s £600,000 flat even though the rules say housing benefit should normally be stopped after 13 weeks. One of the Emwazi daughters is also in the Gulf state. A lawyer for Jasem said he was not working in Kuwait, implying that there is no income to send home and no impediment to a continuing life on benefits. But other reports quote colleagues at the supermarket where he works. Benefits fraud anyone?.

It has also been reported that the Emwazis have known for at least 6 months that their son M*h*mmed was Britain’s best-known, modern *sl*mic superhero, Jihadi John but failed to mention this to the authorities. Aiding and abetting terrorism, anyone?

jihadi john at work

Emwazi’s mother, brother and the three sisters who remain in the UK are under police protection costing £5,000 a day

I think we can be fairly sure that no prosecutions will ever be brought against the Emwazis for either benefits fraud or aiding and abetting terrorism.

If you’re an ageing DJ who grabbed a few women’s tits thirty years ago, the police will spend millions trying to prosecute you. But if you’re a M*sl*m, then do what you like – benefits fraud, raping underage white girls, FGM, polygamy, terrorism, whatever – the police won’t go near you for fear of being branded “waaaccciiiissssttt”

Given that there may be as many as 1,000 supposed ‘British’ M*sl*ms fighting for ISIL and thousands more itching to go there, we probably have thousands more families like the Emwazis in our country costing us many billions every year of their cursed existence. Uncontrolled immigration – don’t you just love it?

(Tomorrow – Ideal Home magazine, special Zimbabwe edition)

3 comments to The Emwazis – a thoroughly modern, multi-cultural British family?

  • Brillo

    It just a matter of a few days before the runaway girls families sue the authorities for not telling them that their own daughters were radicalised. Must be worth a £1m plus. Personally I’d give them all first class one way tickets to Syria.

    Billy Connelly is a brave funny man, pity our beloved leaders don’t have the same views. See link.

  • MGJ

    Thanks Brillo, good video. Also shows just the right response, viz. a mixture of anger, contempt and laughing openly at such idiocy.

  • It would be good if we could set up a charity to assist all Muslims in the UK in reaching the ISIS caliphate. I assume it features on tripadvisor, However the government use some anti-terror law in relation to ISIS recruitment.
    Strange as thanks to Cameron ISIS now have parts of Libya. Also recall that he tried to get parliament to sanction the RAF to use airpower to aid the rebels fighting Assad in Syria.
    If he had got his way ISIS might now have total control of Syria.

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