May 2024

Score so far: Gaddaffi 1 Cameron 0

Madman Muammar Gaddaffi seems to have outwitted Cameron the Conqueror and Tiny Todger Sarkozy by declaring an immediate ceasefire. This has left Cameron and the vertically-challenged frog frothing in frustration that they haven’t got the war and the glory they wanted. So now Cameron the Crusader is off to Paris to plot with Sarkozy how they can find some excuse to start killing Libyans to provoke Gaddaffi.

Gaddaffi may have won the first round, but it looks like Cameron the Conqueror will get his war. No doubt BP who risked losing their Libyan olifields will be very grateful and will make a generous contribution to Tory funds once Gaddaffi has been removed and they get their hands on Libya’s oil again. Maybe BP will even give Cameron a well-paid job after he loses the next election.

Cameron’s sycophantic MPs are praising his immense courage in battling for a war. Perhaps they’re forgetting they he and they won’t actually do any fighting. It’ll be the poor sods in the armed forces who’ll be murdering innocent Libyans to ensure Cameron the Conqueror’s place in history. And it will be innocent British civilians who will be killed and maimed by the terror attacks carried out by all the young men recruited into Al Quaeda because of their revulsion at British attacks on a Muslim country.

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