June 2024

Vote for…………….bankrupting Britain?

As we rush towards the 2015 general election, I’ve tried to prepare some simple infographics to illustrate the utter absurdity of the two main parties’ appeals for our votes.

First, the Tories who have managed to double our national debt from about £750bn to around £1,500bn while pretending to be implementing austerity and claiming we can trust them with the economy:



Then Labour. Well, they don’t mention the economy or debt any more – for fairly obvious reasons. Labour just tell us how much more they’re going to spend without making it terribly clear where the money will be coming from:

Pointing 2


As for the LibDems – hopefully they’re going to be wiped out in May. So, who cares what they’re promising?

The trouble is, that with 91% of voters not understanding the difference between “deficit” and “debt”, the two main parties will get away with their lies. When asked about the Coalition’s original plans for cutting the deficit by £350bn, a truly amazing/horrifying 70% of voters thought this would also mean the national debt would fall by £350bn and an equally worrying 21% believed that if you cut the deficit, then the national debt would stay the same. Only a pathetically small 9% of voters understood that as long as there was a deficit, national debt would rise:



Only UKIP can put a stop to this madness! Interesting times ahead!

(By the way, 21 Christians have been beheaded by our M*sl*m friends in Libya – – no screams of outrage from all the politically-correct, *sl*mophiliac lefties who vilify Israel every time it tries to defend itself. Oh, and the fragrant, corpulent Baroness Warsi seems to be uncharacteristically quiet at the moment too)

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  • mike mines

    You’ll excuse me for saying this, but who maxed out the credit card so we are not capable of paying off interest?
    What a pity Labour lost the last election, just like the dog owner in the park, they should have picked up the mess.

  • Paul

    I sympathise with that. I was half hoping Brown would win in 2010 so we could watch him tidy his own mess up. The damage to the country that would accrue ourweighed the schadenfreude though.

    The ‘doubling of debt’ argument above is popualar with lefties because it avoids responsibility. If Osborne had done his job and hacked the deficit down to (say) £0 now, it still would have gone up a fair bit (unless he’d done a Canada, which he probably should have)

  • NoMore

    Dave and Osborne were so useless in Opposition with their “sharing the proceeds of growth” meme instead of taking every opportunity to show up Brown’s profligacy , educate the Great Unwashed (that’s the other 91% from the look of it) on what spending more than you bring in during a (credit) boom is not quite what Keynes intended, and plan a root and branch reform of quangos, welfare, the public sector etc. so that as soon as they got the keys they could get the deficit down to zero in the first month without any impact on frontline services.

    Instead we get a Coalition due to real Conservatives’ not trusting Dave (how prescient) that backs off Brown’s Full Steam Ahead a smidgeon so we will hit the rocks a few years later than he would (Costalot CON-cordia?), ridiculous foreign aid commitments, same endless influx of the world’s benefits claimants and so on.

    UKIP need to win big but with so many fools and bludgers voting you have to worry. The FPTP system only worked with 2 main parties (Lib/Tory then Lab/Tory) – it started to disenfranchise people when the LibDems came into the mix (credulous dimwits though those voters may have been) but with UKIP, Greens, SNP all now big players then it is time to go to PR like the rest of Europe so that peoples’ votes all count for something, the cosy Lab/Tory hegemony is broken, and the pretence that your local MP is more than just a whipped Party placeman is exposed.

  • Simon

    May be we should have voted Labour back in. The result would have been massively more irresponsible borrowing, millions more immigrants, thousands more public sector non-jobs & economic meltdown would have been virtually instantaneous, instead we are suffering death by a thousand cuts. Regardless of flavour the main political parties are all useless. The entire system is antiquated & no longer fit for purpose in a global economy.

  • MGJ

    Come the election the only two things I feel confident about are that no party will get a workable majority and that the LibDems will be wiped out. That being so, what might we have to look forward to?

    A Tory/UKIP coalition strikes me as unlikely for two reasons:
    1. I cannot see Cameron wanting to be shown up as a fool next to Farage
    2. Assuming the deal would be a vote on EU membership then I don’t see UKIP supporting any more-of-the-same-nonsense policies afterwards because, regardless of the result, they would have very little to lose by sticking to their principles.

    So alternatively we may perhaps look forward to a poisonous coalition between NuLab and the SNP.

    Depressing stuff but can anybody think of a credible non-bad election outcome?

  • John Fields

    Your graph shows that 91 per cent are living in a financial fog, which means we
    are stuffed. One of the two main parties will continue to lead us up the proverbial

  • NoMore

    No surprise that SDP will clean up in Scotland, Labour will clean up in Wales, NI half and half (SF and Unionists).

    England however could be very interesting with the (not very) Conservatives doing OK in the South with some UKIP seats here and there, but with UKIP doing far better than most people expect in the North taking seats from Labour.

    If as expected the Tories don’t get a majority then they would be justified in dumping the Dhimmi and choosing a leader far more acceptable to UKIP with a Con/UKIP coalition forming a government (if they can do this without triggering another GE).

    High time the Scots left too.

    Can but hope.

  • how soon after the Election before a sterling crisis

  • Kensington Chubb

    Good entertainment to be had – asking any doorstep canvassers to explain the difference between debt and deficit and what their party will do to get both down to zero. Also ask how much interest is being paid to service the debt. It’s great watching their confusion grow as they dig an ever-deeper hole.

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