August 2022
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Those French cartoonists “were asking for it” says Financial Times

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for our great leader, podgy *sl*mo-Dave Cameron, to tell us that the slaughter of innocents in Paris ‘”had nothing to do with *sl*m which is a religion of peace”. After all, that’s what *sl*mo-Dave claims after every such attack. But Dave has been curiously silent. Perhaps he realises that his usual *sl*mophiliac bollox won’t wash this time.

Instead, I suspect the narrative we’ll be fed by our rulers will be along the lines of “we all need to pull together after this appalling tragedy”. Such a mealy-mouthed explanation suggests, of course, that what happened in Paris (and will soon happen in Britain) was the responsibility of all of us and had nothing to do with one particular backward, intolerant, violent, ever-offended group in our society. Also, by using a word like “tragedy”, our rulers are almost equating this to a natural disaster, like an earthquake, rather than admitting it was a deliberate slaughter of innocent people by murderers encouraged by their mentors – the leaders of the M*sl*m community.

refugees 2

In fact, our rulers have spent more time criticising Nigel Farage for daring to say that we have a M*sl*m Fifth Column in Europe, than they have spent mentioning the role of M*sl*m leaders in encouraging their murderous devil’s spawn

Our rulers are still working out how to respond to the events in Paris while not offending (or even mentioning) M*sl*ms. But in the press cowardly, politically-correct apologists for the *sl*mic murderers have already begun creeping out from under their stones.

Financial Times – the Europe editor of the Financial Times, Tony Barber accused Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper of “M*sl*m baiting”. In an opinion piece published just hours after 12 people were killed in the Paris assault, Barber wrote that “Charlie Hebdo has a long record of mocking, baiting and needling French Muslims,” adding: “France is the land of Voltaire, but too often editorial foolishness has prevailed at Charlie Hebdo.” Referring to the magazine that regularly pokes fun at religious leaders and people of authority, Barber called the newspaper “stupid” and lacking in “common sense”.

Having tried to blame the cartoonists, he of course went on to criticise the murderers: “This is not in the slightest to condone the murderers, who must be caught and punished, or to suggest that freedom of expression should not extend to satirical portrayals of religion,” he wrote. “It is merely to say that some common sense would be useful at publications such as Charlie Hebdo, and Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten, which purport to strike a blow for freedom when they provoke Muslims, but are actually just being stupid.”

So, the Financial Times believes that anyone who dares criticise the backwardness, stupidity, intolerance and fanaticism of the death cult that is *sl*m is “stupid”. Maybe the rest of us might call those who dare expose the problems with *sl*m “brave”?

The Times – Charles Bremner, the Europe correspondent for the Times, also started making excuses for the murderers claiming “France is paying price for pushing 6 million Muslims to the margins”. Bremner then goes on to suggest that it is French M*sl*ms who are the victims: “The Muslims of France are suffering real anxiety living in this climate of stigmatisation” perhaps overlooking the fact that M*sl*ms have not been marginalised and stigmatised. They have repeatedly refused to integrate with our society and to accept our norms of tolerance and free speech.

islam progress 1

Daily Telegraph – Even in the Telegraph, we are being told it is all our fault and no blame should be attached to M*sl*ms. Their ranting buffoon Dan Hodges wrote today: “we are failing to integrate significant elements of our Muslim communities fully and effectively into our society”.

Hopefully the British people will not be fooled by all this politically-correct claptrap.

No doubt our terrified *sl*mophiliac journalists will soon be claiming that M*sl*ms are really peaceful tolerant people and tiny Israel’s supposed “oppression” of 400 million Arabs is the real reason for *sl*mic terror attacks.

7 comments to Those French cartoonists “were asking for it” says Financial Times

  • Peter

    “There is a clear & repeating message here with all of these crimes… NY 911, Sydney, Woolwich, Paris etc…. the Authorities knew about these men, they were aware of them & their intentions/ambitions, even now they are letting others back into Europe after they have been to train in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq & Afghanistan. Is it any wonder that they go on to murder innocent people?…. the French Authorities knew EXACTLY where to go to find these men, their friends & families. What does that say about what is going on in our countries?”
    VIDEO Islam in Europe

  • Concerned

    Political response has been disgraceful so far. No criticism of Islam at all.

  • NoMore

    “Political response has been disgraceful so far. No criticism of Islam at all.”

    I’m happy with what Farage said (as usual) :-

    “Mr Farage told Channel 4 News that there is a “strong argument” that the shootings are a product of multiculturalism, and claimed there is now a “fifth column” in Britain. ”

    …and incredibly Clegg of all people gets it right:-

  • brian ferrier

    For all the newspapers and protesters bleating on about brave cartoonists, defying terrorists,and showing, for example, a cartoon of an AK47 made up of pens and erazors etc, I don’t see one cartoon actually depicting the prophet Mohammed as a backward, war mongering, maniac and paedophile.

    also, with all the talk of freedom of speech, I don’t see any newspaper publishing the famous Danish cartoons either.

    Is this because Muslim terrorists tend to attack and kill the people who defy them ?

    Is this because despite all the big talk, newspaper editors and TV presenters all over the world are shit scared of maniac Muslim terrorists that we allow to live amongst us, generally at tax payers expense.

    On another note, on the six o’clock news on the day of the atrocity, we got Baroness Wallsi wheeled out to give us her esteemed thoughts on the days events.

    Well needless to say, I won my pint from the boys in the “Dirty Rabbit” by guessing correctly that this ridiculous woman would end her innocuous rant by informing us that “the Paris shootings are an attack on the Muslim religion too”, boom, boom !!

    It is so good to know on whom my taxes are spent.

  • MGJ

    The reaction to these shootings has of course been entirely predictable.

    From the cowardice of the political class to the craven surrender of free speech by the mainstream media, to the nauseating self-indulgence of the candlelit vigils, to the hug-a-nazi nonsense after the Sidney attack, anything seems preferable to acknowledging what actually happened, such is the terror they seem to have inspired.

    If, as seems likely, the poor sod they are now holding hostage is added to the body count, that will no doubt be the fault of police tactics or ‘failings in society’ too.

    Anything to avoid reality.

  • Keen Reader

    It’s really very simple. If, like me, you are a grandparent, do you want your little grandsons to be raised to become male chauvinists who regard females as little more than baby-producing sex slaves? Do you want your little granddaughters to be denied education, to be married off at twelve or thirteen and systematically raped thereafter by a man perhaps twice or three times their age and in due course cast off if they fail to produce the required quota of male offspring?
    Because this is what Islam is! Look at the plight of the women of Afghanistan, who almost without doubt will be denied education again within a very short time of the withdrawal of Western troops. Look at how an “advanced” (in financial terms) country, Saudi Arabia, continues to deny women the freedom to drive, thereby limiting their activities to those sanctioned by their menfolk. Look at how women are prosecuted in Iran just for attending a football match. Remember how women from Muslim countries were impeded by their clothing, on the grounds of “modesty”, when they wished to participate in the 2012 London Olympics. (There’s nothing very modest about paedophilia, which is what pre-pubescent marriage is.) Look at the little girls in school in the UK who are unable to participate fully in school activities because of the constricting clothing demanded by their “faith”.
    I’ve no doubt that there are individual Muslims with whom I could get on quite well for a limited time and within the constricting parameters resulting from their evident inability to question the diktats of their faith as compared with my openly acknowledged agnosticism, verging on atheism. But then I expect I could interact verbally in a limited fashion and for a short time even with a convicted murderer, repellent as I would find his actions to have been.
    The fact is that Islam as a cult, as a “faith”, demands and is relentlessly seeking total world dominance. It’s them or us and woolly-headed Cameron, the politically correct leftie journalists and anyone in a position of influence or power who wilfully refuses to see and acknowledge this, and take steps accordingly, is selling our entire Western history, culture and ancient way of life down-river.

  • PamWM

    They don’t want to live with us. We don’t want to live with them. It’s that simple: all Muslims to be offered a free one-way ticket to the Muslim country of their choice. There are 57 to choose from. Or: they renounce Islam publicly.

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