June 2024

“It had nothing to do with *sl*m”

As the Sydney siege ends in bloodshed, our rulers and the politically-correct elites in the mainstream media are quick to assure us that what took place “had nothing to so with *sl*m”

So, I thought the only responsible thing I could do on my blog today would be to remind readers of many other episodes that also “had nothing to do with *sl*m”

These demonstrations, for example, clearly “had nothing to do with *sl*m”

islam progress 1

Nor these ones:

refugees 2

Nor this lot:

islam progress 4

Nor the London bombings:

islam progress 2

I could go on, but by now hopefully readers will be clear that nothing ever has anything to do with *sl*m:

IS and Nazis

Readers may be aware of a shocking attack in Pakistan today by the Taliban killing over 100 children. This attack, of course, had nothing to do with *sl*m!!!!!

8 comments to “It had nothing to do with *sl*m”

  • Concerned

    Islam is a cancer that will continue to spread unless it is dealt with. It is completely incompatible with western values. Islam apologists are equally dangerous as they enable this barbarism.

  • MGJ

    One cannot help wonder what these terrorists have to do before their behaviour is acknowledged to be a problem.

    Just repeat after me:

    “It didn’t really happen”.
    “Even if it did, we must have deserved it”
    “It was an isolated incident”
    “Nothing to do with religion (especially RoP)”
    “A crazed individual enjoying no support”

    …and so on.

  • Keen Reader

    As I have written before, and as you, David, point out several times each week, Islam’s ultimate goal is total world domination. It is actually far more of a danger than was Nazism which, obnoxious as it was, limited its ambitions to the conquering of Europe. (Of course, had it been successful in this aim, it would have spread further.)
    Why cannot our “Leaders” see this danger? Or if they can see it, why are they not confronting and dealing with it?
    Short-sighted,self-centred and busy troughing as they may be, they should remind themselves that their children and grandchildren will be every bit as threatened by Islam in future years as will be mine and those of your respondents.
    As for the ghastly events in Sydney, all I can say is “well done” to the Sydney authorities for putting a swift end to this foul individual. He cannot do anyone any more harm and the country is saved the cost of a lengthy trial! Why he was ever granted bail by the Australian judiciary, in view of his history will, I fervently hope, come under close scrutiny. It is tragic that two laudable Australian citizens lost their lives and perhaps this lovely country will take a harder line in future to self-styled Islamic “clerics”.

  • brian ferrier

    I heard about the Sidney thing on the radio about 2pm yesterday.

    To help enlighten us, the BBC had some professor of Islamic studies from I think Leeds university.

    The first thing this professor said was ” Well, before we start, I want it made very clear that what is happening in Sidney right now has nothing to do with Islam”.

    I think if some Muslim had rammed a hot poker up his ass he would have said the same thing.

  • NoMore

    This photo was taken less than 2.5 hours into the 16 hour siege. I don’t know what you would call it but it looks like a clean head-shot to me. Wrong kind of shot I guess.

  • Muslims in large numbers should not be in England or Western Europe. However many of the victims such as the Pakistan school are themselves Muslims.
    Our true enemies are also the people who run or country and other Western countries who actually want Muslim andd other invaders here.
    I do not know why or have any so called conspiracy but the threat is not just external in the form of radical Islamic groups its also an internal one which comes from the conceled motives of our ruling elites.

  • brian ferrier

    Me again,

    Apologies in advance.

    Now we have a trendy movement in Sydney called ” I will ride with you”, which is for all those tree hugging right on toss pots who wish to accompany Muslims as they go about their daily business, in case someone like me wishes to say ;

    I don’t want to be on the same bus as you in case YOU EXPLODE A BOMB.

    I don’t want to ride the tube with you in case you explode a bomb.

    I don’t want to give you a lift in case you throw acid over my face.

    I don’t want to walk with you in case you wish to behead me.

    I don’t want to see you going to school in case you murder 132 of your fellow countrymen , 123 of them children, some only two years old , the rest teachers.

    I don’t even want to see you Muslims so I can enjoy my day in peace and without fear.

    If this makes me a racist then that must be what I am.

    If this makes me a realist then whoever does not agree with me should grow up and wake up.

  • Hi re the above comment the Ride With You is featured on Billy Braggs Facebook pages maybe some readers here would like to leave comments on it.

    Billy Bragg in case you do not know is a famous left wing folk singer who backs mass immigration, The effects of which can be seen in his original home town of Dagenham .

    Mr Bragg now lives in a mansion in Devon.

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