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Why would we want to leave the EU?

At this time of year, the media are forever giving us “Top Ten” lists – the top ten films, the top ten records, the top ten children’s presents etc etc.

So I tried to draw up the Top Ten Reasons for leaving the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, economically-crippled EU. But there were so many excellent reasons to escape from the EU catastrophe, that I found it difficult to pick the ten best. So, I’ll leave it up to you to choose your own personal Top Ten:

– The loss of control of our borders and the immigration tsunami of 46,000 people a month ever since 1997

– The constraints and burdens on us by a diarrhoea of intrusive and usually unnecessary directives

– The fact that it is a protectionist customs union which works to reduce free trade thus hugely increasing costs of food and other products for EU citizens

– The other countries in it are economically very illiberal and weigh us down

– The British have always fought for freedom and don’t want to be ruled by a corrupt, rotten, undemocratic superstate

– The economic decline of Europe – who wants to be tied to a drowning man?

– The loss of our independent representation at the World Trade Organisation

– The loss of our voice at the International Monetary Fund in favour of France who seem to run it, and hate us

– The possible loss of our seat on the UN Security Council in favour of the EU

– The absurd taxes for lunatic, eco-fascist policies which have no basis in science

– The rules on using biofuels which have led to massive deforestation and switching land from food to fuel production. The rules have pushed up food prices, were called ‘a crime against humanity’ by the UN and have caused starvation in many Third World countries

– The fraud of the CAP and its transfer of our money to rich landowners while pushing up our food bills

– The self-evident failure of the Eurozone’s economic policies which have led to half of all young people in some Club Med countries being unemployed and without any chance of ever getting a proper job

– Being governed by political pygmies like Barroso, Juncker, Van Rompuy, Martin Schultz and their ilk

– The fact there are 7 billion other people in the world to do trade with, beyond the EU’s increasingly impoverished and bankrupt 500 million

– The loss of our Anglosphere ties with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the rest of the Commonwealth and the USA

– The enforced Islamisation of much of Western Europe

– The gradual loss of our English common law system and increasing impotence of our own courts

–  The European Arrest Warrant used by corrupt police in Club Med and East European mafia countries to prosecute innocent British citizens

– The fact that some states – Bulgaria, Romania and several others – are just mafia rackets, not real countries

– The way the EU has deposed EU-sceptic leaders in Italy and Greece and installed its own bureaucrats to take control

– The history of EU corruption and waste, and the lack of accountability from Brussels

– The ludicrous waste of the EU circus travelling to Strasbourg for a few days every month to satisfy French vanity and the restauranteurs, hoteliers and prostitutes of Strasbourg

– The history of its anti-democratic behaviour, repeating referendums, secret committees, etc that are driven by self-confessed liars like Juncker

– The absurdity of governing 28 economies with one currency, as one economy

– The barmy idea of governing 250+ ethnicities, dialects, faiths, cultures as USA mk2

– The reality of our rivalry with F, G, S, I, in dealings and trade around the world

– The EU is a pig circus, a casino, a brothel of competing chicaneries

– It’s becoming a German Fourth Reich where other countries supinely do whatever the Germans command

– We don’t need it as much as it needs us. Germany in particular needs us as we buy so much from them that we are their biggest customer

Of course, there will be many more excellent reasons for getting out of the cesspit that is the EU. But I’d be rather hard-pressed thinking up so many reasons for staying in it.

4 comments to Why would we want to leave the EU?

  • Another superb and concise article.Would any of your readers consider creating a youtube video on this. As countdowns along the lines of twenty things wrong with a place, movie, and so on are very popular.

  • right_writes

    I was reading through this list and I was looking forward to your list of benefits…

    As it wasn’t there, I was wondering whether this was an omission, or a lack of intelligence on your part, or thought perhaps you would leave it to a commenter to provide the list.

    I have been waiting for a list of EU benefits from the philiacs for many years, and I have yet to see one.

    We’ll just have to go with your one sided list for now David… 🙂

  • MGJ

    I do like a challenge so I thought I’d try to make a list of ‘pros’. Still working on it; I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

    There are of course some definite pros… if you happen to be a corrupt croney capitalist, a sleazy, grasping politician or an unelected former communist.

    Otherwise it’s quite tricky as the Europhile way is generally to avoid difficult questions by refusing to be drawn into defending it, then calling anyone who objects a fanatic or a waaaciiiist!

  • NoMore

    Two pros:-

    1) It has kept Kinnock and Mandelson out of the country for long periods

    2) It has lead to the formation of Ukip which is the only party willing to control immigration in a responsible manner as well as offer all the real Conservative policies thrown out by the lefty fools in that party.

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