About three weeks ago, our lying PM, the Right Honourable Dave ‘Cast-Iron-Promise’ Cameron made it absolutely clear there would be a parliamentary vote on the European Arrest Warrant before the Rochester by-election – Exhibit A : “I am not delaying a vote on it. There will be a vote on it.”

Last week, Home Secretary the Right Honourable Theresa May defended denying Parliament a vote on the European Arrest Warrant – Exhibit B : “The European Arrest Warrant is not in that list because it does not require to be transposed into our legislation because that has already been done.”

cameron liar

Conclusion 1 – Cameron cannot be trusted on anything, especially when it concerns the EU

Conclusion 2 – The Conservative leadership gang are happy to bypass the democratic process when it comes to surrendering ever more of our sovereignty to their bosses in the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU

Conclusion 3 – Because of Conclusions 1 and 2, Conclusion 3 is that Cameron is NOT to be trusted on giving us a real referendum on EU membership in 2017. He simply will not allow it

Conclusion 4 – PR spiv Cameron is a recidivist liar. Yet, even with all the practice he has had, he’s still not very good at it