February 2024
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“But we were told M*sl*ms were allowed to rape British girls!”

I wanted to cover a different issue today. But there’s one story that I couldn’t allow to pass without a comment.

You almost have to feel sorry for the 300 Libyan troops who came to train in Britain for a few months. After a series of gang rapes of British girls (and apparently also a man), they’re being sent home to Libya early. That’s put an end to their UK holiday.

Yet, if they’d been following the British news before they came here, they’d know that in Britain M*sl*ms are allowed to gang-rape, gang-sodomise and gang-torture tens of thousands of British girls. The police look the other way because of political correctness, the politicians say nothing because they want the immigrant vote and the M*sl*m community does nothing (and even condones its men raping tens of thousands of British girls) because Britain’s M*sl*ms despise us and view us kaffirs as sub-human.

Though, if you want to find some sub-humans, the Middle East or Pakistan might be quite a good place to look.

So, the poor Libyans must have been ever so surprised when they got ticked off after just a few rapes, confined to barracks and will soon be marched onto a plane back to the medieval hell-hole from which they came. Although some of them have demanded political asylum so they can stay here for a bit of “Carry on Raping” at British taxpayers’ expense. No doubt some slimey, parasitical, self-serving immigration lawyer will use the Human Rights Act to ensure these animals remain in our country. So, lock up your daughters (and your sons?).

But perhaps we should thank these Libyan soldiers for once again forcing us to face up to the reality of the kind of people that we are allowing into Britain?

immigration good for Britain

On the subject of Britain’s ‘open door’ immigration policy, yesterday I wrote a blog trying to prove that immigration was bankrupting us and trying to disprove our rulers’ claims that immigration was good for Britain. So, it’s pleasing to note that a new report from University College London has calculated that during New Labour’s desperate attempt to import Labour supporters by allowing uncontrolled immigration, the cost to British taxpayers has been over £115bn.

That’s lower than my estimate because the report didn’t take account of benefits paid to British people whose jobs were taken by immigrants. But it’s still a pretty chunky number. And that’s just the direct financial cost. It doesn’t take account of the social cost of 7 million mostly low-skilled, poorly-educated arrivals from the world’s worst hell-holes.

So, how did the BBC and the Guardian report this massive cost to British taxpayers?

eu migrants gain

Perhaps it’s time to close down the BBC?

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